Hi! I’m Ryan (they/them/theirs) and I’ve been in your shoes.

After managing Boston’s oldest yoga studio (Back Bay Yoga) for over 6 years, and then buying my own yoga studio (Bow Street Yoga) while working as a small business consultant, my work is informed with a holistic approach to the health of your business.

I have worked as a panel member informing and pushing for progressive change in Yoga Alliance, and have worked in leadership roles for several studios, both large and small.

Don’t just guess about best pricing, and don’t do what your neighbor is doing. Stop wasting your energy wrestling with MINDBODY.

Let you business have the same values you do, and let it put food on your table.

Get your class schedule closer to perfect with data driven best-practices. Design a sustainably profitable business that doesn’t suck your soul. I am thrilled to be part of the patientMoon team as a Yoga Business Strategist and resident MINDBODY Expert.

The work I do here is to save you time.

Areas of Special Interest


MINDBODY Software Expert
Squarespace Web Development
HTML & CSS Coding
Squarespace Email Campaigns


Continuing education content & development
Website & newsletter building training & coaching
Newsletter automation strategy & development
Newsletter content & development


Studio class, workshop & teacher training development
Creative problem solving
Business strategy
Budget strategy
Pricing strategy

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