Business & Marketing Support for the Core of Your Pilates Business

Pilates studios are known for housing more than run-of-the-mill trainers.

You’re experts, with high levels of experience and education to do what you do.

Your standards are different, and so is your price tag.

The people that are drawn to you are not looking for generic fitness, or a burn and churn factory.

Rather, they’re clients with a refined palate, seeking personalized expertise, effective guidance, and attention to detail.

pilates studio marketing

Your ideal-fit clients appreciate a more nuanced approach to strength and balance in the body — and a percentage of them are working with injuries or complex health histories, or are athletes balancing their other endeavors.

That makes finding the ideal-fit clients critical — those who have dedication to undertake a structured practice, who can benefit most from your expertise and specialization — and, to be frank — those who can afford to pay you what you’re worth.

Your marketing may not be reaching those ideal-fit clients effectively.

That’s ok, we all have blind spots.

We’ll help you solve those, get more clients, grow your business, and make more money.

In one meeting (patientMoon Wellness Marketing) sized me up, found out what made me tick, who my target market was, what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. Then, they made it happen.

Imagine having a group that can showcase your best self, design a website to reach and entice your target market, and deliver your message/mission statement in a professional elegant manner rather than verbal blubbering. The end result was even better than I could have ever imagined.

Jenn Menzer, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Owner Menzer Fitness

Work It Out!

Things you’re probably already thinking about to market your Pilates business effectively.

(And yes, we do all of this, plus a bunch more.)


Design & Maintenance
Content Writing & Conversion Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Organic & Paid

Pilates Advertising

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Retargeting & Pixel Tracking
Performance Analytics & Optimization

Pricing & Business Development

Pricing Strategy
Product Laddering
Sales Funnel Building

Email Marketing

Automation & Lead Magnets
Newsletter Content & Design Strategy
List Building & Hygiene

Content Marketing

Article & Blog Development
Audience-Specific Landing Pages
Authentic Branding through Voice & Tone

Here are the humans you’ll be working with.

Meet Our 5-Person Team


21 years
writing for small businesses

15 years
studio & store management



12 years
pilates studios web design

12 years
business strategy for pilates studios

10 years
studio management & customer service


11 years
studio management

21 years
leveraging MINDBODY

3 years
yoga studio owner


7 years
fitness studio management

4 years
regional programming development

14 years
customer service experience


over 25 years
building websites

20 years
business strategy & optimization

13 years
leading the patientMoon team

Real Humans, with Real Expertise

We’re actual people, working together on a small and highly collaborative team, with a breadth of expertise.

You’ll meet with Matthew and another senior team member for your Initial Session, and work with most of us along the way.

Just like your clients need your guidance in class, they need it on your website too.

When clients land on your website, is it clear what you want them to do, and how they get started?

You need clear, concise, and unignorable CTAs (calls to action) — which grab your potential clients by the proverbial hand, and lead them to take action.

There is an art and a science to this. And we’ve got both covered.

pilates studio marketing

Your website’s entire flow of text, images, video, color, and typography each play a pivotal role in building trust, creating familiarity, and driving actual bookings.

We must get that all right — plus make it mobile optimized for the majority of your traffic arriving on your website on a mobile device.

Once your website is Conversion Optimized, it’s time to drive potential clients to it, using Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Advertising.

Your website is your most valuable employee.

Put It to Work for You

Start Getting More Clients

Get a detailed plan to bring your studio to the next level.

60 minutes. 2 senior team members. 1 strategic investment.

How to get more clients, make more money, and attract and retain talented instructors.

Your conversion-optimized website is the foundation.

Once you have a strong foundation, we’ll drive ideal-fit clients to your website, using techniques that pay for themselves:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — ensure people using Google to find Personal Training studios find your site easily, using a technical process that involves content, URL, and other on-site optimizations
  • Paid Search Advertising — we’ll place your site at the very top of search results at exactly the right time for the most fitting potential clients
  • Social Media Advertising — don’t just wait for clients to find you, reach out and get in front of ideal-fit clients on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, using paid ad campaigns
  • Organic Social Media Marketing CAUTION: you’re wasting your time unless you’re also running paid ads, have effective CTAs (calls to action), and are driving traffic to optimized pages; we’ll teach you how to do this right
  • Content — all those people need to land on pages on your website that have conversion-optimized content with personality

To drive clients to your studio, meet with Kate & Matthew.

Once all of those ideal-fit clients are on your website, we need to convert them in profitable studio members.

And that means having the right pricing and business model in place.

We’ll analyze your pricing options, educate you on best practices, and teach you the science of pricing psychology.

And we’ll look at the structure of your instructor pay, to ensure your model is scalable and sustainable — and most of all, profitable.

Then we’ll clearly communicate the value of your services, so clients pay what you’re worth.

Proper Pricing Creates Inevitable Profit

Book Your Initial Session to Learn How

Yes, of course we build websites.
But we go deeper than that.

2 Doc Tri Coaching patientMoon marketing client

2 Doc Tri Coaching

Triathlon Coaching, Training, Nutrition & Camps

Ayurvedic Living Institute patientMoon marketing client

Ayurvedic Living Institute

Online Ayurvedic Course Offerings

btone FITNESS patientMoon marketing client


Boutique Fitness Studio Growing Through Franchising

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre patientMoon marketing client

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre

Indie Studio Chain with 5 Locations

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms patientMoon marketing client

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms

Bodywork & Acupuncture

Rebirth Body Transformation patientMoon marketing client

Rebirth Body Transformation

Small Group Personal Training

Studio 8 Pilates patientMoon marketing client

Studio 8 Pilates

Group & Private Equipment-Based Classes

The Hot Yoga Barre patientMoon marketing client

The Hot Yoga Barre

Integrating Mind, Body & Soul

Emerald City Pilates
Amina El Sharkawy
Meagan Fitzgerald
Studio 8 Pilates
North County Pilates
Jenn Menzer
Joy Moves

Cultivating community culture & awareness through effective, on-brand messaging.

Getting new clients in the door is, of course, the start.

But then you need to build your relationship, and integrate those clients into the fabric of your studio.

That takes continual communication and nurturing, both in-studio, and through email and social media.

Don’t just blast the same message to everyone at once.

Put the right information in front of the right people at the right time with marketing automation.

(And this will add years to your life.)

Engage new clients consistently, and re-engage with longstanding clients to keep them coming back.

It’s a “set it and forget it” type thing.

pilates studio marketing assistance

Attract and retain talented instructors by creating payment structures and incentives that keep them excited about showing up for work.

Paying your instructors what they’re worth, while still making a comfortable profit for the studio (aka you) is critical — and surprisingly easy once you have the right pricing structure, pay structure, and client generation systems in place.

And by the way, if bringing continuing ed to your studio is part of your repertoire, optimize for conversions, and make sure it’s worth your time. (We’ll cover this too.)

We’ll give you an actionable plan to make more money.

Invest $99 and grow your studio.

Streamline Your Client’s Online Booking Experience, and get Critical Insights Into Your Business

With over 60 years of combined experience (yes, really), we’re truly experts at this.

Spend your time running your business and working with clients, not walking clients through how to book a session.

Whether you use MINDBODY, Acuity, Square, or another booking system, we’ll integrate and optimize your client’s online experience.

Your back end matters too.

(And we don’t mean your 🍑.)

Client booking is critical, but so is managerial accounting, effective reporting, and payroll tracking.

These are just a few of the core purposes your booking software should be serving.

But too often we see Pilates studio owners getting more stress and hair-pulling anxiety from their booking system than useful, actionable data.

pilates studio marketing support

Get help with MINDBODY, Acuity, Square, and other booking systems.

Gabrielle, Ryan, and Lindsay have a collective 3 decades or so of experience working with MINDBODY and other booking systems, so they can handle any task you throw at them.

Whether it’s building from the ground up, optimizing your reporting to enable smart business decisions, or working through system quirks for instructor pay scales, they’re at the ready to support you.

Make your clients happier. (And you, too.)

So How Does an Initial Session Work?


You’re going to meet with two of our senior team members for 90 minutes.

We work exclusively with Pilates studios and small wellness businesses, so you can skip the explanation of what a “reformer” is and get down to the nitty gritty of how to keep your sessions full.

Here’s how we’re going to use our first 90 minutes together:

We’ll dive right into getting to know you and your business in detail, because this work can’t happen without a very real knowledge of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

We’ll unpack your successes and struggles, and we’ll strategize both technical and lifestyle solutions.

We’ve done this with enough people to know that everyone is unique, and that everyone has blind spots. We shine the light on who you are and what you’re offering, and how to amplify that to the world.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

You’ll leave our Initial Session with a clear vision of what’s possible for your business and your life, and a concrete path forward — including business strategy, marketing, and technology solutions.

Book My Initial Session

Tone up their 🍑
and your bottom line.

Schedule your Initial Session to get a detailed diagnosis of your business opportunities, and actionable recommendations that make you more money.

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