Venture into the untapped opportunities of your business.

We know you’re busy.

You love your work, but it takes a lot of time and energy to work one-on-one with clients.

Virtual programs create a range of options for working together.

Who doesn’t want a custom fit?!


Virtual formats are perfect for anyone wanting to host classes, teach, work with clients, and share ideas. But, there is no one way to create a virtual experience — stop comparing yourself to others and let’s get clear about what you want and need.

Going virtual allows your business to expand and change with ongoing demands. We’ll help you curate technology solutions as well as programming funnels to keep your clients engaged.

The bonus?! When you offer clients more choice, you gift yourself more freedom.

We’re here to illuminate the big picture and navigate the minutia with you, to create programs your clients are excited to engage with.

No matter where in the development process you are, there is always more to be done and while that may feel daunting,

the truth is, it’s time to reinvent your business.

Build your virtual offerings, gain more clients & much time for YOU.

Nurture Your Virtual Side

Don’t neglect your low hanging fruit.

There are clients within reach that you haven’t connected with.

Welcoming new audiences through virtual offerings cultivates a new cluster of ideal-fit clients.

By creating a virtual funnel, there is no need to repeat the same information over and over again. Free up space to interact with clients who are ready to connect.

Your time is valuable.

Some of our favorite WAYS to go virtual:

  • Create low cost mini-courses or challenges to catch the interest of new clients
  • Build self-paced niche courses or classes which “funnel” clients into more in depth, higher priced trainings
  • Produce workshops and courses that build on one another

Some of our favorite REASONS to go virtual:

  • Be more selective with clients who you work with in real time
  • Stay connected with your clients, and keep them motivated
  • Expand your reach to non-local clientele, especially for higher priced offerings
  • Build passive revenue streams with pre-packaged options
  • Clients can go at their own pace and begin at any time
  • Use Virtual Offerings to address income accessibility

Utilize virtual offerings to thrive, even post-pandemic.

You're Right. I'm Ready to Grow.

Step confidently into the next chapter with your Wellness Business & Marketing Experts

We have over 90 years of collective experience.


20 years
writing for small businesses

15 years
studio & store management



11 years
fitness & wellness web design

11 years
business strategy for fitness & wellness

10 years
studio management & customer service


10 years
studio management

20 years
leveraging MINDBODY

3 years
yoga studio owner


7 years
wellness studio management

4 years
regional programming development

14 years
customer service experience


over 25 years
building websites

19 years
business strategy & optimization

12 years
leading the patientMoon team

Real Humans, with Real Expertise

We’re actual people, working together on a small and highly collaborative team, with a breadth of expertise.

You’ll meet with Matthew and another senior team member for your Initial Session, and work with most of us along the way.

COVID is an unexpected curveball, but there’s always something percolating for small businesses.


Setting up virtual offerings doesn’t have to be hard or take your time.

When quarantine initially began, we worked closely with many of our clients to help them get new virtual offerings up and running within days.

Our team has experience working with a plethora of platforms to integrate virtual offerings into a business model — Kajabi, Thinkific, Vimeo, YouTube and more.

There’s no “right fit” for everyone, so we work with you to take in your ideas for virtual offerings. We consider the needs of both you and your clients and guide you into the perfect platform and help streamline existing programs.

Stay nimble, and reduce dependence on your physical space.

Keep Your Business Limber

I could not recommend this company more, thank you patientMoon and your entire team for all of your hard work and dedication!

Jody Merrill, Studio Owner, btone FITNESS

Ignoring virtual offerings & passive revenue leaves money on the table.

Passive revenue, as a small business owner, can be the difference between taking a mental health day and having to chug through clients to pay rent.

Creating and cultivating a passive revenue stream doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking.


Our work together begins in an Initial Session.

We work with you to define the collateral you already have and gather work you’ve already done, forming this into a virtual strategy that makes sense FOR YOU. We work with your budget and create friendly technology solutions and systems that work together smoothly.

Extra pockets of profit can be used to build savings, invest in equipment and support your business infrastructure. A small initial investment can net big rewards — we want this for you.

Don’t leave money on the table.

Let’s Talk

Yes, of course we build websites.
But we go deeper than that.

2 Doc Tri Coaching patientMoon marketing client

2 Doc Tri Coaching

Triathlon Coaching, Training, Nutrition & Camps

Ayurvedic Living Institute patientMoon marketing client

Ayurvedic Living Institute

Online Ayurvedic Course Offerings

btone FITNESS patientMoon marketing client


Boutique Fitness Studio Growing Through Franchising

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre patientMoon marketing client

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre

Indie Studio Chain with 5 Locations

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms patientMoon marketing client

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms

Bodywork & Acupuncture

Rebirth Body Transformation patientMoon marketing client

Rebirth Body Transformation

Small Group Personal Training

Studio 8 Pilates patientMoon marketing client

Studio 8 Pilates

Group & Private Equipment-Based Classes

The Hot Yoga Barre patientMoon marketing client

The Hot Yoga Barre

Integrating Mind, Body & Soul

Here’s how we’re going to use our first 90 minutes together:

We’ll dive right into getting to know you and your business in detail, because this work can’t happen without a very real knowledge of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

We’ll unpack your successes and struggles, and we’ll strategize both technical and lifestyle solutions.

We’ve done this with enough people to know that everyone is unique, and that everyone has blind spots. We shine the light on who you are and what you’re offering, and how to amplify that to the world.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

You’ll leave our Initial Session with a clear vision of what’s possible for your business and your life, and a concrete path forward — including business strategy, marketing, and technology solutions.

Book My Initial Session

Don’t add road blocks to success.

Let us help get your Virtual Offerings started.

90 Minutes. $99. 2 Senior Team Members.

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