Yes, of course we build websites.
But we go deeper than that.

2 Doc Tri Coaching patientMoon marketing client

2 Doc Tri Coaching

Triathlon Coaching, Training, Nutrition & Camps

Ayurvedic Living Institute patientMoon marketing client

Ayurvedic Living Institute

Online Ayurvedic Course Offerings

btone FITNESS patientMoon marketing client


Boutique Fitness Studio Growing Through Franchising

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre patientMoon marketing client

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre

Indie Studio Chain with 5 Locations

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms patientMoon marketing client

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms

Bodywork & Acupuncture

Rebirth Body Transformation patientMoon marketing client

Rebirth Body Transformation

Small Group Personal Training

Studio 8 Pilates patientMoon marketing client

Studio 8 Pilates

Group & Private Equipment-Based Classes

The Hot Yoga Barre patientMoon marketing client

The Hot Yoga Barre

Integrating Mind, Body & Soul

When I was ready to take my business and brand to the next level, I knew that patientMoon could make that happen for me, and at a very competitive price.

I could not recommend this company more, thank you patientMoon and your entire team for all of your hard work and dedication!

Jody Merrill, Studio Owner, btone FITNESS

Honor Movement Studio
Barre Balanced
Soulful Yoga Therapy
Vital Cycle
Steamtown Hot Yoga
Be Well Studios
Back Bay Yoga Studio
California Yoga Center
Greener Postures Yoga
Kick It by Eliza
Asana Boston
Align Studios
Metrowest Yoga
Bare Bones Yoga
Kula Yoga Lifestyle
Let Healing Happen

Working with them was easily the most invaluable part of starting my personal training studio. They helped me to focus my ideas and energy into the right places and set me on a path for success.

If you are planning on starting a business or re-designing your website, work with patientMoon. It was the best decision that I could have made for my business.

Julian Cardoos, Founder of Rebirth Body Transformation Center

Emily Tevald
Lori O'Doherty
Jess Emilfarb
Clementine Cummer
Jenn Menzer
Erica Bornstein
Lynne Beiger
Karen Fabian
Tim Kelleher
Heidi MacVane
Lara Rubin-Alexiou
Ben Chused
Renee Leblanc
John Alexiou
Marcia Appel
Sherrell Moore-Tucker
Jenna Hill
Kate O'Donnell
Lindsay Lusignea
Diana Kang
Izzy VanHall
Rob Phillips
Danielle Toolan
Keith Moore
Paul Charalambous
Caitlyn Visconte
Ann Bruck
Merry Beth Freienmuth

My business partner found patientMoon online when we began our search for a web design team who knows how the yoga business works.

We feel fortunate to have found them who, since day one, have demonstrated a depth of knowledge in their field and an understanding of what we need as a growing yoga community.

Thank you patientMoon!

Heidi MacVane, LCSW, RYT Co-Owner of Greener Postures Yoga

AMP Fitness
Aum Training Center
Rebirth Transformation Center
Form Personal Training
Body by Monika
Fitness Hub Studios
Athletic Outcomes
Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism
Prime Strength & Conditioning
Kuu Botanicals
The Clubs at Charles River Park
Transcendent Fitness
Next Level Fitness & Wellness
SLS Fitness

In one meeting, the patientMoon team sized me up, found out what made me tick, who my target market was, what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. Then, they made it happen.

Imagine having a group that can showcase your best self, design a website to reach and entice your target market, and deliver your message/mission statement in a professional elegant manner rather than verbal blubbering. The end result was even better than I could have ever imagined.

Jenn Menzer, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Owner Menzer Fitness

Steve Bergeron
Matt Dupee
Helena Collins
Nicole Witkov
Julian Cardoos
Sheila Townsend
Monique Gagnon
Kiki Walker
Susan Reardon
Ann Bruck
Monika Mazur
Chris Carreiro
Eliza Shirazi
Jenn Menzer
Micah Logan
Marlene DaCosta
Catherine Wright
patientMoon is great to work with because they understand the industry and will really help you present yourself in an authentic and unique way.

Renee Leblanc, Yoga Teacher

Kick It by Eliza
Joy Moves
Honor Movement Studio
Emerald City Pilates
Vital Cycle
Studio 8 Pilates
North County Pilates
Barre Balanced

patientMoon helped us update our out-dated website into the mobile friendly, user friendly format we needed to capture leads from our new members and get them into our studio!

They were attentive to creating a site that embodies the feeling of our studio. They continue to guide us through learning to use our site and maximize our online potential.

Lara Alexiou, Co-Owner of Steamtown Yoga, Scranton, PA

As a 13 year fitness veteran, there is not much that I do not know about the business. I had no doubt that as soon as people came into my facility that I would have them hooked. What I didn’t know was how to get people to see what I had to offer in a way that made them want to take action immediately.

Julian Cardoos, Founder of Rebirth Body Transformation Center

It should almost go without saying how good they are at the marketing — even when a client asks for marketing that doesn’t really appear to be marketing. We’ve never seemed so cohesive.

Maybe the best compliment we give is that each month we come back with more and more projects.

Keith Moore
Owner, Ashtanga Yoga Studio DC

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