We Help Small Wellness & Fitness Businesses and Solo Practitioners Build, Grow, and Run Their Businesses.

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17 years
writing for small businesses

15 years
studio & store management



8 years
fitness & wellness web design

8 years
business strategy for fitness & wellness

10 years
studio management & customer service


18 years
marketing for small businesses

16 years
writing & content creation

13 years
business strategy


7 years
studio management

17 years
leveraging MINDBODY

3 years
yoga studio owner


7 years
wellness studio management

4 years
regional programming development

14 years
customer service experience


over 25 years
building websites

16 years
business strategy & optimization

9 years
leading the patientMoon team

Real Humans, with Real Expertise

We’re actual people, working together on a small and highly collaborative team, with a breadth of expertise.

You’ll meet with Matthew and another senior team member for your Initial Session, and work with most of us along the way when we work together after that.

How to market your Fitness & Wellness Business effectively.

(And yes, we do all of this, plus a bunch more.)


Design & Maintenance
Content Writing & Conversion Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Organic & Paid


Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Retargeting & Pixel Tracking
Performance Analytics & Optimization

Pricing & Business Development

Pricing Strategy
Product Laddering
Sales Funnel Building

Email Marketing

Automation & Lead Magnets
Newsletter Content & Design Strategy
List Building & Hygiene

Content Marketing

Article & Blog Development
Audience-Specific Landing Pages
Authentic Branding through Voice & Tone

We've Helped Hundreds of Wellness & Fitness Businesses, Teachers & Practitioners

These Are Just a Few of Our Fantastic Clients

AMP Fitness
Fitness Hub Studios
Vital Cycle
Metrowest Yoga
North County Pilates
Transcendent Fitness
Studio 8 Pilates
California Yoga Center
The Clubs at Charles River Park
Body by Monika
Rebirth Transformation Center
Asana Boston
Joy Moves
Align Studios
Greener Postures Yoga
Back Bay Yoga Studio
Emerald City Pilates
Let Healing Happen
Bare Bones Yoga
Kuu Botanicals
Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism
Kula Yoga Lifestyle
Steamtown Hot Yoga
Barre Balanced
Soulful Yoga Therapy
Honor Movement Studio
Kick It by Eliza
SLS Fitness
Prime Strength & Conditioning
Aum Training Center
Be Well Studios
Athletic Outcomes
Next Level Fitness & Wellness
Form Personal Training
Monique Gagnon
Julian Cardoos
Marcia Appel
Clementine Cummer
Matt Dupee
Lori O'Doherty
Emily Tevald
Marlene DaCosta
Ann Bruck
John Alexiou
Lynne Beiger
Helena Collins
Renee Leblanc
Lindsay Lusignea
Rob Phillips
Micah Logan
Monika Mazur
Sherrell Moore-Tucker
Steve Bergeron
Chris Carreiro
Nicole Witkov
Catherine Wright
Sheila Townsend
Keith Moore
Tim Kelleher
Kiki Walker
Kate O'Donnell
Jenn Menzer
Eliza Shirazi
Lara Rubin-Alexiou
Heidi MacVane
Jess Emilfarb
Jenna Hill
Ben Chused
Caitlyn Visconte
Izzy VanHall
Merry Beth Freienmuth
Paul Charalambous
Diana Kang
Susan Reardon
Danielle Toolan
Erica Bornstein
Karen Fabian

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