Ready to make more money and give your clients a better experience?

mindbody branded web integration
mindbody branded web online integration
mindbody branded web online integration

Make your website your clients' one stop shop for everything.

Empower your clients to make purchases, check schedules, and mange their MINDBODY account right on your website.

Most new clients will see your website before they ever walk through your studio door.

Their initial experience is critical for conversions.

And their experience when they return needs to be seamless, so they keep coming back.

Keep Students/Clients on Your Site
Stop forcing your clients to jump to MINDBODY to book sessions, classes, workshops & appointments, or for making purchases and accessing their account

Increase Sales on Phones & Tablets
Stats show the vast majority of your fitness studio site visitors are on their phones, which MINDBODY isn't optimized for

Accurately Track Your Sales Funnel and Marketing
Invest your marketing budget wisely with metrics to measure return on investment

Get a Higher Return on Investment
MINDBODY can be a great tool, but it's how we leverage it that makes it exceptionally profitable. We only undertake projects where we can make you money on your investment.

"Wow, there are not superlatives enough to thank you for all of this. Thank you.

"While each item is seemingly small, they were a huge weight on my shoulders as I knew some of these little things were frustrating students trying to register.

"It’s amazing how much you guys have helped the Studio."

Keith Moore
Owner, Ashtanga Yoga Studio DC

A student's first impression of your studio is when they find you online — our utilization of your MINDBODY data will showcase who your staff members are and what they have to offer their clients.

Give them everything from upcoming classes to staff bios and photos so that newcomers can put a face with a name.

Make clients feel welcome before they even set foot in your space.

MINDBODY integration

To get new clients to come in and take a first class or session, they need to know who you are and what you offer.

"patientMoon specializes in fully utilizing and optimizing all the functionality & customization MINDBODY Branded Web Tools has to offer. If you need a little help or a lot, they are an expert and responsive team dedicated to health & wellness businesses.

"patientMoon is fantastic. When one of our clients asks for a recommendation — they're always at the top of the list."

Steve Goldstein
Founder of HealCode (now known as MINDBODY Branded Web Tools)

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Prime Strength & Conditioning
Align Studios
Asana Boston
AMP Fitness
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Back Bay Yoga Studio
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Meet Our MINDBODY Website Integration Experts

Don't Go It Alone

Gabrielle, Ryan, and Lindsay have a collective 3 decades or so of experience working with MINDBODY.

  • Avoid MINDBODY Confusion — To utilize it to its full potential, you need MINDBODY configured just right. We'll take care of that for you, and teach you how to get the most out of it.
  • Stop Missing Revenue Opportunities — We'll work with you to optimize your pitch, package, promotion and price for all of your services.
  • Save Time — We use our expertise to efficiently take work off your plate.
  • Ditch Illegible Paperwork — Save trees and sanity with easy electronic new client registration.
  • Simplify Sign-In — Enable online signup, payments and account management to streamline the check-in process.

We go way beyond the basics.

patientMoon Advanced MINDBODY Integration

Advanced Styling — We've got a bag of tricks for common requests, plus we can handle custom CSS needs to get your widgets styled perfectly to match your site beyond the options in HealCode

Customize Filters — Keep things simple by removing unneeded filtering

Hide Past Classes — Declutter your schedule and give your clients an intuitive experience, especially on mobile

Custom Waitlist Messaging — Help clients understand when classes are waitlist-only or sold out, and we can show any text you'd like

Custom Buy Buttons — Let clients make purchases from anywhere on your website, without getting bounced to MINDBODY

Fully Responsive Mobile Optimzation — We build on MINDBODY's CSS to fully optimize for all devices

Plus we expertly handle:

For Multi-Location Studios,
Show Your Clients' "Home" Studio

Automatic memory of each client's home studio gets them to their class schedule faster

Hit the Ground Running with
Grand Opening Pre-Sales

Sell your opening specials & memberships before the doors even open with a strategic pre-opening marketing campaign that includes newsletter, social media and a conversion-optimized landing page

North County Pilates
Kick It by Eliza
Barre Balanced
Emerald City Pilates
Honor Movement Studio
Joy Moves
Studio 8 Pilates
Vital Cycle

The Role of MINDBODY Website Integration in Effective Advertising

Become Master of Your Own Metrics

With proper data coming in, we can help you pivot strategy on a dime for the best investment of your time and resources. We'll identify potent opportunities that consistently garner new leads and grow your funnel, bringing new traffic onto your site and into your studio.

Advanced Google Analytics Integration
Track custom conversion events, optimize your sales funnels and integrate with Google AdWords for automatic optimization.

Facebook Pixel Tracking
An absolute non-negotiable for any serious Facebook marketer. Make sure you're not throwing money out the window.

Data-Driven Ad Optimization
We'll help you run higher-converting, lower-costing ads.

patientMoon helped us update our out-dated website into the mobile friendly, user friendly format we needed to capture leads from our new members and get them into our studio!

They were attentive to creating a site that embodies the feeling of our studio. They continue to guide us through learning to use our site and maximize our online potential.

Lara Alexiou, Co-Owner of Steamtown Yoga, Scranton, PA

Build Up Your Team and Client Base
Showcase Your Teachers, Trainers, Instructors, Coaches or Staff

mindbody integration for personal training studios
mindbody integration for yoga meditation instructors
mindbody integration for pilates
mindbody integration for nutrition health wellness
mindbody integration for yoga studios

We build tailored team pages that show off your staff and make booking with them easy.

  • Per-Teacher Class Schedules — Once a client is engaged, we'll make it easy for them to book right on the profile page.
  • Practioner-Specific Appointment Booking — Make it a snap for students to view availability and schedule private appointments.
  • Individual Rates Per Team Member — Support pricing tiers for Pilates instructors, personal trainers and other one-on-one coaches.
  • Expertly-Written Bios — The story matters. Student and clients connect with your team through their bios. We provide expert editing, and writing to ensure the bio enagages the reader, and ultimately converts.

Your Team is Your Best Asset.

I could not recommend this company more, thank you patientMoon and your entire team for all of your hard work and dedication!

Jody Merrill, Studio Owner, btone FITNESS

Increase Revenue
Beyond Your Weekly Schedule

Writing, Marketing & Conversion Optimization for Workshops, Trainings and Big-Ticket Items

We Speak Your Language & We Speak Your Clients'
You don't have to explain yoga nidra, HIIT or Megaformers to us – we're experts in fitness and wellness. And we know how to explain them to your clients in compelling, brand-appropriate and Search Engine Optimized language so they'll be excited to book with you.

We Know Where to Promote Big-Ticket Items
It's not just what you say, it's where and when you say it. We know how to maximize your marketing efforts on your website, newsletter, social media and in-studio.

We Drive Traffic and Conversions with Advertising & Metrics
Get new clients with highly-targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google that integrates with your online booking through HealCode.

We Leverage Hybrid Designs & Functionality
MINDBODY is a powerful tool, but it's most potent when combined with the other technical, design and marketing tools that we leverage.

So how can we make your MINDBODY website integration more user-friendly, more on brand, and more profitable?

We'll start in our Initial Session by analyzing your current website conversion optimization and opportunities.