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MINDBODY Online Website Integration

We integrate your MINDBODY schedule, teachers and event promotions throughout your site

Your website is your students'
one stop for everything

Centralize your students' personal login, profile, class history, and schedule on your website.

Multiple Fitness Studio Website Design

We provide your students access to their MINDBODY accounts directly through your website, making it easier for students to register for classes & workshops, purchase passes and access their class card & membership information.

Your Website is Your Studio's First Impression

Most students see your website before they see your studio - Make It Count!

Boston Fitness Studio Homepage Design

A student's first impression of your studio is when they find you online — our utilization of your MINDBODY data will showcase who your teachers are and what they have to offer their students.

Give them everything from upcoming classes and workshops to teacher bios and photos so that students can put a face with a name, feeling welcomed before they step foot in your space. If they know who you are and what you offer, they're that much more likely to come in for a first-class experience.

Way Better Than Widgets

More meaningful class schedule integration means a better experience for your students and a better website.

Boston Fitness Studio MINDBODY Online Website Integration

Customize your class schedule so that it fits seamlessly into both the design and functionality of your website. Want to showcase today's classes on your homepage? Make it easy for students to see when their teacher's next class is happening? No problem!

And our experience is that 38-56% of your web traffic is to see your class schedule - so give them what they want!

Your students are mobile,
Your site should be too.

Up to 60% of fitness studio website visitors are on mobile devices. How can you afford not to make your site mobile optimized?

Mobile Friendly MINDBODY Online Implementation

We streamline your MINDBODY class schedule into mobile-friendly, easy-to-access information for your students on-the-go. A user-friendly experience, no matter the device.

Our approach is "Mobile-First" — we design and maintain one website for you that adapts to any screen size and offers an optimum experience from one device to another.

Websites that load faster than you can say "downward facing dog"

Give your students lighting-fast access to your website that's way faster than widgets.

Fast-Loading MINDBODY Online Schedules

Loading time optimization is critical — 40% of website users will abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Our hosting services provide immediate loading capabilities so that your students have fast and easy access to all the information on your site — including your class schedule, teachers and workshops.

If you advertise it, they will come.

Thorough cross-promotion on your site will bring more students into your workshops and teacher trainings.

MINDBODY Approved Developer, patientMoon, inc.

Event promotion for everything from workshops and small-group trainings to your 200hr teacher training. With the ability to register right from your site, we'll promote your workshops across your site to get your students excited about what's coming up next.

patientMoon is your MINDBODY Ambassador

Take advantage with a FREE first month of MINDBODY

MINDBODY online integration

Online Booking: students can book their next class/appointment directly from your website

Client Relationship Tools: easy access to client profiles and history

Extensive Reporting: a useful tool for setting and achieving your studio's goals

Auto-billing: simplify payments and feel secure using PCI Level I standards for data security and encryption

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