Your clients are looking for you.

Don’t hide in plain sight.

If you aren’t thinking about your website’s SEO, you aren’t thinking about your people.

You can make meaningful changes to the copy of your website and a few tweaks to the back end to get more search traffic passively.

Search engines have become synonymous with knowledge — “Google it”.

search engine optimization for fitness & wellness businesses

If Search Engines can’t find you, it begs the question…
Do you even exist?

Help new clients find you on their first try without trying to sift through the haystack.

Be the Needle Your Clients are Looking For
As a 13 year fitness veteran, there is not much that I do not know about the business. I had no doubt that as soon as people came into my facility that I would have them hooked. What I didn’t know was how to get people to see what I had to offer in a way that made them want to take action immediately.

Julian Cardoos, Founder of Rebirth Body Transformation Center

Be Well Studios
Kick It by Eliza
SLS Fitness
Vital Cycle
Metrowest Yoga
Prime Strength & Conditioning
Joy Moves
Honor Movement Studio
Studio 8 Pilates
Steamtown Hot Yoga
Asana Boston
Bare Bones Yoga
Kula Yoga Lifestyle
Next Level Fitness & Wellness
Transcendent Fitness
Align Studios
Aum Training Center
Fitness Hub Studios
The Clubs at Charles River Park
Athletic Outcomes
California Yoga Center
Body by Monika
Form Personal Training
Rebirth Transformation Center
Greener Postures Yoga
Emerald City Pilates
North County Pilates
Let Healing Happen
Soulful Yoga Therapy
Back Bay Yoga Studio
Barre Balanced
AMP Fitness

Great SEO Delivers.

Your website is almost always the first place clients encounter your brand.

It needs to be easy to find.

What’s the first thing you do when you’re looking for something?

Head over to a search engine!

Search engines account for a HUGE amount of foot traffic to your site and when you’ve taken the time to consider SEO in tandem with your advertising strategy, client flow will show.

  • More Site Visitors
    — online marketing (including your website) content optimized for Search Engines brings more visitors who are searching for what you offer
  • High Visibility in Searches
    — higher "ranked" pages, with content geared towards what your target audience is searching for when they land on your site, makes your brand more visible in the digital world
  • Presenting your business in the Best Light in Search Results and Social Media
    — search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook show links to your site based on the way the site, content, and Meta Tags are coded
search engine optimization for fitness & wellness businesses

Leverage every piece of your SEO.

Your clients are waiting.

You Have the Pieces, We Have the Tools. It's Time.

How can we help?

We’ve been curating standout SEO for over a decade.

We know there are a lot of moving parts to cultivating a stellar search engine optimized site.

Here are some of our tried & true solutions.

search engine optimization for fitness & wellness businesses
  • Content Crafting
    — our professional writer, Kate, will review any current content and rewrite it to use the same voice throughout, and make sure to utilize key words that will help with your Search Engine Rankings
  • Website URLs
    — case consistency and redirection for mixed case, canonical redirection
  • Page Titles
    — SEO-friendly page titles and subtitles
  • Meta Tags
    — open graph meta tags; Twitter meta tags and cards
  • Images
    — ALT tags and SEO-friendly naming; text in place of graphical elements that gets replaced via CSS; markup for logo
  • Content Markup
    — rich snippets and structured data
  • Page Load Time
    — website speed is a direct factor in search engine page ranking, so a fast website is critical for SEO; we leverage Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and dynamically scalable enterprise-class hosting to keep your site lightning-fast

Step confidently into the next chapter with your Wellness Business & Marketing Experts

We have over 90 years of collective experience.


19 years
writing for small businesses

15 years
studio & store management



10 years
fitness & wellness web design

10 years
business strategy for fitness & wellness

10 years
studio management & customer service


9 years
studio management

19 years
leveraging MINDBODY

3 years
yoga studio owner


7 years
wellness studio management

4 years
regional programming development

14 years
customer service experience


over 25 years
building websites

18 years
business strategy & optimization

11 years
leading the patientMoon team

Real Humans, with Real Expertise

We’re actual people, working together on a small and highly collaborative team, with a breadth of expertise.

You’ll meet with Matthew and another senior team member for your Initial Session, and work with most of us along the way.

Are you still wondering what the heck SEO is, but are afraid to leave the page and Google it?

search engine optimization for fitness & wellness businesses

In simple terms, it means writing content in your marketing copy (including your website) so Search Engines pick up key terms and increase your page’s visibility in relevant search engine results.

The better your SEO, the more likely you are to show up closer to the top of the pile in search results which in turn means more attention, more clients and more conversions.

It should almost go without saying how good they are at the marketing — even when a client asks for marketing that doesn’t really appear to be marketing. We’ve never seemed so cohesive.
Maybe the best compliment we give is that each month we come back with more and more projects.

Keith Moore, Founder of Ashtanga Yoga Studio, DC (AYSDC)

Jenna Hill
Sheila Townsend
Chris Carreiro
Kate O'Donnell
Matt Dupee
Marcia Appel
Keith Moore
Kiki Walker
Julian Cardoos
Caitlyn Visconte
Lindsay Lusignea
Merry Beth Freienmuth
Heidi MacVane
Sherrell Moore-Tucker
John Alexiou
Karen Fabian
Tim Kelleher
Lara Rubin-Alexiou
Micah Logan
Clementine Cummer
Paul Charalambous
Ann Bruck
Diana Kang
Helena Collins
Emily Tevald
Lynne Beiger
Ben Chused
Danielle Toolan
Nicole Witkov
Jenn Menzer
Marlene DaCosta
Eliza Shirazi
Lori O'Doherty
Izzy VanHall
Erica Bornstein
Catherine Wright
Renee Leblanc
Monique Gagnon
Jess Emilfarb
Susan Reardon
Steve Bergeron
Monika Mazur
Rob Phillips

Google AdWords — Be Front & Center When Your Customers are Searching for You

We do a tremendous amount to optimize organic search engine traffic. In addition to that, we can leverage Google's ad platform to reach your potential customers at the precise moment they're searching for your services.

patientMoon Google AdWords Solutions

  • We use our specialized knowledge of health & wellness businesses
  • Identify the best-performing keywords for your business and location
  • Monitor cost per click (CPC) and customer acquisition costs to ensure effective return on your investment
  • Carefully analyze what people are searching for in your area to inform the ads we create
advertising for fitness & wellness businesses

It's time to make more money.

Add onto your SEO using Google AdWords.

We can help you get it right.

Book My Initial Session

Search Engine Optimization requires attention to detail.

search engine optimization for fitness & wellness businesses

Good SEO practices can be learned and once you’ve established the habits, maintaining your SEO rankings will become second nature.

We’re here to teach you the ropes and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how we’re going to use our first 90 minutes together:

We’ll dive right into getting to know you and your business in detail, because this work can’t happen without a very real knowledge of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

We’ll unpack your successes and struggles, and we’ll strategize both technical and lifestyle solutions.

We’ve done this with enough people to know that everyone is unique, and that everyone has blind spots. We shine the light on who you are and what you’re offering, and how to amplify that to the world.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

You’ll leave our Initial Session with a clear vision of what’s possible for your business and your life, and a concrete path forward — including business strategy, marketing, and technology solutions.

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