Your Website Doesn't Matter.

(Kinda. It does, but not in the way you think.)

A website is a tool that you use to get clients.

So our focus is how do we get people to the website?
and then…
how do we get them to take action to make a purchase?

Because at the end of the day, a pretty website doesn’t pay your bills. Your clients do.

We’re not just another team of web designers.

We’re going to fundamentally undercut the premise that your website is the first hill to climb.

You earning money is the first box to be checked.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

We're not just website designers, we're website conversion optimizers.

Build Your Website BETTER

The 2 BIGGEST Problems Clients Come to us with

(it’s not what you think)
AKA: “It’s Pretty, but It Sucks”

Problem number one:

Logistical tangles:
I don’t know how to update our website
Our developer is unresponsive.

There are so many talented web developers out there that can craft you an absolute palace of a website.

They are great! They design, execute and polish the spires. You’re so happy. It’s sexy.

Share it with your friends.

but eventually…

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

You need to dive into your website to post a new event, update someone’s bio, add a button, create some new content, etc…

And you don’t know how.

And your developer is on to their next project, or wants to charge you a lot to change the little easy stuff on your website.

So here you are with a castle, and no keys.

We want you to have the keys, and we want you to lay some bricks.

I Feel SEEN (Help!)

Problem number two:

Worrying more about looks than substance.
Yes, your website should look "modern" and "clean".
So should your underwear. Ok, better yet…your car.


That car needs a steering wheel. And Gas.

Getting distracted by design and styling instead of content, lead cultivation and SEO is a car with no gas. Grass is going to grow around that investment.

Conversion from your site, and traffic to the site matter more than how that website looks.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses
oh shit, that's me

(we’re from Boston. we swear sometimes.)

Step confidently into the next chapter with your Fitness and Wellness Business & Marketing Experts

We have over 90 years of collective experience.


21 years
writing for small businesses

15 years
studio & store management



12 years
fitness & wellness web design

12 years
business strategy for fitness & wellness

10 years
studio management & customer service


11 years
studio management

21 years
leveraging MINDBODY

3 years
yoga studio owner


7 years
wellness studio management

4 years
regional programming development

14 years
customer service experience


over 25 years
building websites

20 years
business strategy & optimization

13 years
leading the patientMoon team

Real Humans, with Real Expertise

We’re actual people, working together on a small and highly collaborative team, with a breadth of expertise.

You’ll meet with Matthew and another senior team member for your Initial Session, and work with most of us along the way.

We want your website to make money without costing a lot.

We are focused on collaboration, coaching and education.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

We’ll work with you in live, virtual sessions.

This not only gets your website built, it ensures you know everything you need to know to maintain it, without HAVING to rely on outsourced help.

It’s budget efficient because we get instant feedback from you as we implement in real-time. Additionally, it’s an education opportunity so that you learn as we build instead of it being an afterthought once the website launches.

We design with SEO & conversion optimization top of mind.

And every website we build is mobile-optimized, responsive web design, if you want to get geeky!

It all starts with a conversation.

A Strategic One

I am the co-owner of a business and found patientMoon at a time when I felt frustrated with the web developer who had created our original website.

The patientMoon team worked with us in every step of the way while they created our new site. They came up with solutions with how to display information in a clear and efficient way and created a design that is vibrant and dynamic.

The whole process of working with patientMoon has been delightful. The patientMoon team is thorough, competent, innovative and have exceeded our expectations.

Danielle Toolan, Co-Owner of Greener Postures Yoga

Fitness Hub Studios
Honor Movement Studio
Kick It by Eliza
Let Healing Happen
Be Well Studios
Rebirth Transformation Center
Greener Postures Yoga
Barre Balanced
Vital Cycle
Steamtown Hot Yoga
Back Bay Yoga Studio
Athletic Outcomes
Bare Bones Yoga
AMP Fitness
Kula Yoga Lifestyle
Aum Training Center
Studio 8 Pilates
The Clubs at Charles River Park
Soulful Yoga Therapy
Next Level Fitness & Wellness
Metrowest Yoga
Form Personal Training
North County Pilates
Asana Boston
Body by Monika
Emerald City Pilates
Transcendent Fitness
California Yoga Center
Joy Moves
Prime Strength & Conditioning
SLS Fitness
Align Studios

Don’t need a whole new website?

Sometimes your content just needs some help.
(Let’s get those conversions going!)

Optimize & Refine

Optimize your current written content to sound more like you! Does something seem off about your website? Sometimes the tone, vibe and narrative of your website is not perfectly inline with your brand identity.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

Clarify & Re-Imagine

That’s where we help you get laser-sharp with your words: clarifying your message into an authentic, SEO-optimized, captivating vehicle to connect you to your clients.

Words matter, we can help you get them right.


Happy enough with your site, but ready to expand your offerings, services and brand? Not sure if you need a new site, or can slide your expansion under your current umbrella? We will help you sort through effective choices that enhance SEO, drive conversions and build upon what you already have!

Helping you write is one of our greatest joys.

But we aren’t just line-editing copy writers. We are conversion-optimizers, SEO geeks and lead-cultivating nerds.

This is where some web developers fall short — they want you to hand them content, and they’ll slap it in.

We want to understand and help tell your story.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

When someone lands on your website from Facebook/Google, we need to get their attention right away so they understand who you are and what you offer.

Capturing a personality in a website is difficult, but not impossible. Great copywriting makes all the difference, and can help you pop off the page to grab their attention!

Meet our resident word-wizard, Kate Robinson

Looking to Make it Easy for Your Clients to Pay for Services?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a solo practitioner or a studio owner. Considering how your payment platform integrates with your website is CRUCIAL.

Sales and new clients are lost the instant they don’t understand how to give you their money.

We’re here to streamline the payment experience.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses
MBO — the elephant in the room — we know how to tame the beast!

We’ve helped clients with Acuity, MINDBODY Branded Web, Square, Stripe, Thinkific, Kajabi, and more.

Everyone has different needs which will depend on your product or service. We can help you sort through what service you need and how to get the most out of it.

Plus we make it look snazzy.

Looking for specifics on MINDBODY Branded Web Integration? We’ve got you covered!

We've got a bag of advanced styling tricks for common requests, plus we can handle custom CSS needs to get your payment integration to perfectly match your site.

YES! I Need Intelligent Integration!

patientMoon helped us update our out-dated website into the mobile friendly, user friendly format we needed to capture leads from our new members and get them into our studio!

They were attentive to creating a site that embodies the feeling of our studio. They continue to guide us through learning to use our site and maximize our online potential.

Lara Alexiou, Co-Owner of Steamtown Yoga, Scranton, PA

Passive revenue streams keep your business afloat during roof leaks, quarantines, leaves of absence and even vacation.

Keep the boat moving even if the wind dies down.

Integrating your course catalogs into your website with conversion optimized landing pages can increase your revenue without draining the finite amount of time you have.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

Ensuring your catalog and payment integration are working seamlessly with your site keeps registrations pouring in and cut back on the number of “how do I register?” emails you have to answer daily.

Whether you have an arsenal of courses ready to go out to the public or you’re considering generating self led course offerings, ensuring your website is ready to educate and promote your offerings is key.

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Really what you’re asking is,
“how much does it take to get to a point where I have advertising generating traffic to get people to my site and the website is conversion-optimized to generate sales”.

Your needs are unique.
And so is your budget.

No matter where we go together, our journey begins with a $99 Initial Session with 2 of our Senior team members.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

After your Initial Session, you’ll have room to consider the recommended next steps for your website and decide when you’re ready to begin the work. In our team’s experience, budgeting an initial marketing investment — between $1200-$2400, 10-20 sessions after your Initial Session — can give you the running start you need. These sessions aren’t just for creating the website, but also include all of the conversion optimization and a plan for advertising to get traffic to the site.

We work together in sessions via a Zoom screen share, so we’ll be checking things off our “to do“ list as well as teaching you how to take care of them going forward. You’ll be given “homework” after each session so you can practice your new skills and keep the progress moving along.

The best news? Since we collaborate, if you’re on the ball getting all of your homework completed, you’ll make the most out of each of our sessions and take every dollar further.

Efficient progress with small budgets is our specialty.

I'm Ready! Let's Book My Initial Session!

Yes, of course we build websites.
But we go deeper than that.

2 Doc Tri Coaching patientMoon marketing client

2 Doc Tri Coaching

Triathlon Coaching, Training, Nutrition & Camps

Ayurvedic Living Institute patientMoon marketing client

Ayurvedic Living Institute

Online Ayurvedic Course Offerings

btone FITNESS patientMoon marketing client


Boutique Fitness Studio Growing Through Franchising

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre patientMoon marketing client

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centre

Indie Studio Chain with 5 Locations

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms patientMoon marketing client

Luna Wellness Spa for Moms

Bodywork & Acupuncture

Rebirth Body Transformation patientMoon marketing client

Rebirth Body Transformation

Small Group Personal Training

Studio 8 Pilates patientMoon marketing client

Studio 8 Pilates

Group & Private Equipment-Based Classes

The Hot Yoga Barre patientMoon marketing client

The Hot Yoga Barre

Integrating Mind, Body & Soul

We specialize in rescuing and retooling outdated and ineffective websites, polishing them into user-friendly, uncluttered and potent sites.

Outgrown your current website? We're here.
Ready to do it right the first time? Even better.

No matter what your needs are, our work begins with an initial session.

Here’s how we’re going to use our first 90 minutes together:

We’ll dive right into getting to know you and your business in detail, because this work can’t happen without a very real knowledge of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go.

We’ll unpack your successes and struggles, and we’ll strategize both technical and lifestyle solutions.

We’ve done this with enough people to know that everyone is unique, and that everyone has blind spots. We shine the light on who you are and what you’re offering, and how to amplify that to the world.

website design for fitness & wellness businesses

You’ll leave our Initial Session with a clear vision of what’s possible for your business and your life, and a concrete path forward — including business strategy, marketing, and technology solutions.

Book My Initial Session

Tackle it. Tame it.

Own It