Project & Marketing Manager

After working in retail management for 6 years, I leapt into this role with both feet. My former positions equipped me with a particular aptitude for customer service and a vast knowledge of consumer relations – both of which I’m able to utilize on a daily basis. I am passionate about supporting both small and burgeoning wellness businesses, and helping them thrive. Being part of a team that works closely to help a diverse range of clients discover their path is deeply satisfying work. I love being able to help people help themselves, and I show up every day eager to make a difference.

I have a passion for rock climbing and traveling back and forth between Boston and New York City – one of my favorite gyms is Brooklyn Boulders which conveniently has locations in both cities. I’m devoted to maintaining physical and mental wellness, learning with fervor about the beautiful world I live in, and keeping myself in good company.

patientMoon Statement

May 24, 2017
From Matthew Broude, Lindsay Goodman, Kate Robinson, Ellie Hurd, Tara Plocharczyk, and Ryan Cunningham

It’s difficult to overstate the shock and sense of loss we’re feeling as a team. The entire team has spent the last three hours sitting together in disbelief. Brittany wasn’t just an employee and team member, she was a close friend and someone we all cared about deeply.

We knew Brittany to be fiery, driven, outspoken…and often goofy, with a disarming sense of humor. Physically, she was tiny, and she had a baby face, but she had a way of being the biggest person in the room. She was strikingly self-motivated, and carved out her role in our family, shaping everything around her.

Brittany above all was fiercely alive. She was loved. Passionate, loyal, funny and creative — she will be wildly missed.