Optimization. Strategy. Technology.

I started patientMoon in 2004 to help small businesses grow, operate more efficiently, and better serve their customers.

I'm here to uncover your best opportunities to grow your business, and leverage every marketing, strategic, and technology tool to achieve them.

I'm passionate about growing small fitness & wellness businesses, and helping you live a fulfilled life with a financially rewarding business that serves you, your clients, and your community.

Outside patientMoon, I’ve been practicing yoga (since 1997) and teaching yoga (since 2010), and enjoy kayaking on the Charles River in Boston, spending time with friends, and exploring the city by foot.

I got my personal start writing computer programs as a little kid in the late 80s, and began developing websites around 1994, creating sites for my schools and several small businesses through my graduation from Brandeis University in 2004.

Alongside patientMoon’s growth over the last decade from my solo freelance practice to the team we are today, I bring the experience of eight years from 2004 through 2011 of building web applications in professional roles at XY.tv, a startup cable & online TV channel targeted at Gen X & Gen Y; Tufts University School of Medicine, where I built custom web applications used by thousands of applicants, staff, faculty and students; and Circles, a virtual concierge company, where I created applications to enable a team of 700+ concierge staff to service thousands of requests from our clients.

My specialty is strategy & optimization.

My whole career has been helping businesses operate more efficiently, and grow their revenue by leveraging smart business processes and technology.

I'll take the time to deeply understand your personal and business goals, and help you find a path to achieve them cost- and time-efficiently.

I'm the tireless champion of minimizing your costs, and maximizing your results.

(And yes, that includes the money you pay us. I'll minimize that too.)

I see the big picture and details all at once. I won't rest until you're financially sustainable and energetically resilient.

Areas of Special Interest


Social Media Ad Optimization
Google AdWords Campaign Optimization
Web Development
Automation Software
Virtual Course Software


Business Process Optimization & Automation
Marketing Automation
Website Design & Development
Website Conversion Optimization
Optimized Ad Campaign Creation


Marketing Campaign Strategy
Pricing Optimization for Client Acquisition
Lead Acquisition & Funnel Cultivation
Product & Service Development
Passive Income Generation Strategy
Business Strategy & Concept Development

Matthew will be on your Initial Business & Marketing Strategy Session, along with another senior team member.

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