Our Non-Discrimination Policy

patientMoon Wellness Marketing provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability or genetic information.

If you're qualified for an open position, please apply — you're welcome here.

The Position

We’re looking for a Wellness Marketing Writer & Senior Strategist who thinks on their feet, can shift nimbly between clients, easily metabolizes new information, clearly and confidently explains their ideas, and writes with inclusivity in mind. Come in with your brain turned on, and be profoundly present and engaged. The future of our team and our clients' businesses depend on it.

If you’re the right candidate, writing isn’t just an activity for you, it’s a core part of who you are. Illuminating ideas through words, and ruminating on the intricacies of language are ever-present in your mind.

We need you to hit the ground running by working directly with our clients on their websites, advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and other written content. You’ll align with and elevate their voices, matching an appropriate tone for their personality and brand, while applying your expertise to optimize for conversions.

You should also have some experience with the inner workings of one or more wellness and fitness businesses, and a passion for your own personal pursuit of wellness practices and/or fitness modalities.

This position is senior-level — suited for someone who is confident and experienced in their writing abilities, and has other skills and expertise to bring to our clients and team as well. We expect 5+ years of related professional experience in writing and marketing, as well as 5+ years of personal experience with one or more wellness or fitness modalities.

Your work schedule is flexible — you can set your own hours, and decide how much work you want to take on. You'll work remotely, utilizing software and our tools to collaborate with team members and work with clients. You must live in and be eligible to work in the US.

Your Role on the Team

Your Day-to-Day

You’ll work directly with our clients, writing, editing, and optimizing content for websites, ads, social media, email, and more. Much of your work will be in live sessions with clients, where you’ll be driving solo and writing on the fly, to keep up rapid and budget-efficient progress for their marketing efforts. You’ll also collaborate with other team members, both in joint live sessions, and for offline hourly work for clients’ needs.

No part of a client’s needs are "not your job" — you’ll provide strategic insights and guidance whenever you can, and use every skill at your disposal, including leveraging other team members, to help clients succeed.


You’ll ramp up and get comfortable with our session format and work style by extensively shadowing sessions with other team members. As you start settling in, you’ll quickly transition from observer to active participant, serving as a “bonus” team member during sessions you’re shadowing, doing everything you can to contribute.

As you begin leading sessions yourself, you’ll have a second team member alongside you to provide additional support, until you’re fully comfortable driving sessions solo.

Alongside shadowing, you’ll collaborate with other team members “offline” outside of sessions, where you’ll learn our standards and best practices, and contribute your own expertise.

You’ll also be expected to speak up and ask questions frequently, and will have continual access to Matthew, our team leader, in addition to the rest of the team.

Your Responsibilities

Your Typical Work

  • Write, Edit & Optimize Content — you’ll work on website copy, social media posts, ads, emails, and a variety of other written content for clients, based on their needs; your writing work will take place primarily during live sessions with clients, and sometimes as offline hourly work, depending on the client’s needs
  • Communicate Effectively with Clients — work with clients via Zoom conference calls and screen shares in a professionally appropriate but human tone, in cadence with the client you are working with (having your video on is becoming more common during COVID, but is optional)
  • Conduct Live One-on-One Sessions with Clients — much of your work will be in live sessions with clients, writing content on the fly, guiding them through their marketing efforts, educating them, and assigning them homework
  • Join Live Multi-Team Member Sessions with Clients — sometimes, you’ll have sessions with clients in collaboration with other team members, particularly when working through larger strategic planning, or addressing technical implementations in addition to content
  • Work Solo Offline — some of your work may be best accomplished “offline,” particularly larger chunks of writing work; you’ll complete this in a timely fashion, at a time that works for you, in coordination with client sessions, and other team members’ needs
  • Collaborate with Team Members — for larger offline projects, strategic planning, or internal marketing work, you’ll meet with other team members for collaboration sessions
  • Provide Insights & Expertise — you’ll guide clients on their business and marketing strategy, drawing from your professional judgement, past experiences, and patientMoon’s standards and best practices
  • Take Effective Notes for Clients & Team Members — clients flow between team members, partnering with the best person for each part of their work, so your notes are critical to help clients understand what you’ve done together, and what comes next; and to provide team members in subsequent sessions context, so they can jump right in at the start of their session
  • Assign Clients Homework — we take an educational and collaborative approach to work with clients, guiding them through becoming self-sufficient in many aspects of their business operations and marketing; you’ll help drive this by assigning them homework to complete between their sessions with patientMoon
  • Coordinate Clients & Other Team Members — you’ll help guide clients on which team member(s) to meet with next, including adapting as strategic plans evolve
  • Contribute to Building Inclusive Businesses & Communities — you’ll be ever mindful of recommending content, photography, and strategic choices that welcome diverse customers to our clients’ businesses; encourage our clients to prioritize inclusivity in all of their business and marketing decisions; and educate clients on building a business that serves their whole community

Your Occasional Work

  • Answer client questions via email, or coordinate with clients via email to get content, photos, feedback, or other materials needed for your work
  • Contribute to our own marketing and business development
  • Brainstorm innovative ideas to improve and streamline our protocols and operations

Working with Us

Our Work

We help small fitness & wellness businesses and solo practitioners flourish by providing expert business strategy, marketing, website design & development, online advertising, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, and brand design. Our clients are yoga studios and teachers, fitness studios and instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches and holistic practitioners, wellness publications, and other businesses in the wellness community. Our team is deeply passionate about both the work we provide to our clients as well as the wellness services our clients offer — in addition to their roles at patientMoon, our team members enjoy hobbies and professional pursuits like teaching yoga, rock climbing, fitness training, dancing, cycling and running.

Our Team

We're a small and fast-paced team (6 members and growing), consistently and efficiently delivering results our clients love. To do this, everyone contributes everything they can — we're a very flat organization without bureaucracy while still being professional and organized. We don't have a sales team, layers of management, or invisible employees. Everyone on the team is intimately involved with our client work and operations.

Our Company

Beyond being a small team, we're a small business, both in size and formulation. We're not a startup — there's no venture capital, no investors and no angel funding us. We run profitably and operate on revenue, growing step by step through disciplined decisions.

patientMoon got its start in 2004 as the freelance business of our founder, Matthew, who worked to help small businesses grow, operate more efficiently, and better serve their customers by designing and building custom websites and applications.

Since taking patientMoon full-time in January 2012, patientMoon has taken off, growing our team, the breadth of tools we utilize to help our clients succeed, and the family of wellness & fitness businesses we work with around the world.

Our Schedule & Work Environment

To best support our sustainable growth, and our team members’ individual needs, we transitioned to working remotely full-time in 2018, with flexible schedules. Each team member sets their own schedule, and coordinates with other team members when collaborating for client sessions or offline work.

Team members are encouraged to plan their work schedule in balance with family life, personal wellness and fitness pursuits, and self care, and may work any schedule that works for them. Our only requirement is that once a client session, team collaboration, or offline work is scheduled for a set time that a team member has made available, they follow through on that commitment.

Current team members have used this flexibility to build schedules that allow them to teach yoga, spend time with partners and children, study herbalism, produce podcasts, pursue personal fitness goals, balance chronic health challenges, maintain meditation practices, and more — all alongside their work with patientMoon.

We make use of Slack, Zoom, Zendesk, GSuite, and a mix of custom software tools to communicate and coordinate with each other, and are continually working to further automate and streamline our processes. These tools allow us to maintain our extensive collaborative team environment that’s been a hallmark of patientMoon since 2012, while also providing our clients excellent results with affordable budgets for small wellness businesses.


Must Haves

You’re not just a person who likes writing, you’re a writer at heart. Writing shouldn’t just be something you do, it should be a core part of who you are. Illuminating ideas through words, and ruminating on the intricacies of language are ever-present in your mind. You have a well-reasoned opinion on our inclusion of this in two different sections.

You’re a fast, independent learner. You’re comfortable with learning and trying things on the fly, and don’t get flummoxed easily when something doesn’t work out as planned. You're not afraid to make mistakes, and see them as learning opportunities

You’re inquisitive, and ask questions of clients and team members so you can make smarter decisions and recommendations.

You’re comfortable coming up with bold, creative ideas, and presenting them confidently as you’re thinking through the details. And you’re not emotionally attached to your ideas — you’re excited to evolve and improve them, as others contribute their own ideas, and new information is available.

You're friendly, and you know how to be professional while being yourself at the same time. You're patient and easy going, not aloof, and you're resilient. Clients and coworkers respect you — not because you always just give them what they want — but because you excel at explaining things in a way that people can understand and appreciate. You're a great communicator via both phone and email.

Inclusivity and representation are at the forefront of your mind. You’re proactively looking for opportunities to make the wellness and fitness communities inviting to all races, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, body shapes, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities. You recognize how your role as a writer and marketer can shape the growth of our clients’ businesses and communities.

You react well to constructive criticism. Our team is constantly refining and improving. That's what we do well, change and improve dynamically on a dime. In short, like the rest of the team, you're adaptable, and probably have a good sense of humor.


  • You're passionate about health, wellness, fitness and/or yoga, and have 5+ years of personal experience with one or more wellness or fitness modalities
  • You’ve got 5+ years of related professional experience
  • You're exceptional at communicating efficiently and clearly via phone
  • You can be comfortable and productive with a client watching your screen share live while you work
  • You're not afraid of computers or technology, and learn how to use new software easily
  • You're committed to your work
  • You're highly organized, and professional

Plus, Some Mix of Your Own Expertise

Our team is highly collaborative, and everyone contributes everything they can. Roles aren’t siloed, we look for overlapping and complementary skill sets across team members.

In addition to writing, we’d like you to have experience and expertise in at least three of the categories below.

You should be comfortable that you could hop on a call with a new client, and meaningfully contribute in any of the categories you consider yourself to have expertise in.

  • Work and/or education experience in the wellness, fitness, and/or yoga world, e.g.
    • Experience or certification as a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, yoga teacher, or group fitness instructor
    • Experience teaching private or group fitness classes, yoga, meditation, or another wellness modality
    • Experience as an RD or nutritionist
    • Experience as a clinical psychotherapist, social worker, or integrative mental health professional
    • Experience as a massage therapist, bodyworker, Craniosacral therapist, or Reiki master
    • Experience as an acupuncturist or TCM practitioner
    • Experience as an Ayurvedic consultant, health coach, or holistic health practitioner
    • Experience as a clinical herbalist, or herbal product maker
  • Website Design, e.g.
    • Selecting typography, colors, and other style elements to coordinate with brand messaging and target audience
    • Selecting and placing photography to enhance written content
    • Organizing navigation and site flow
  • Website Building, e.g.
    • Building websites from start to finish on Squarespace, WordPress, and/or Wix
    • Coding CSS and HTML
    • Integrating existing JavaScript libraries or scripts
  • Website Conversion Optimization, e.g.
    • Planning page flow and structure for conversions, particularly on mobile
    • Identifying placements for CTAs, and writing CTA headlines, explanatory text, and buttons
    • Restructuring content for legibility and conversion optimization
    • Selecting photos and graphics to improve page content flow
  • Organic Social Media Marketing, e.g.
    • Familiarity with evolving display and engagement algorithms for Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, and how to leverage them
    • Planning editorial calendars, posting strategy, and timing
    • Designing imagery and/or videos for posting
    • Writing posts for engagement or sales
    • Responding to messages and comments
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising, e.g.
    • Strategic experience, including campaign objectives, ad set optimizations, budgeting, targeting, and ad format
    • Creative experience, including recommending, designing, or selecting images, videos, and other content for ads
    • Writing experience, including headlines and ad copy, for both Dynamic Creative and traditional single-text ad formats
    • Technical experience configuring and launching ads in Ad Manager
    • Optimization experience analyzing results, conducting split tests, adjusting budgets, and identifying campaign optimization opportunities
  • Google AdWords, e.g.
    • Selecting keywords, negative keywords, demographics, locations, and other targeting
    • Structuring campaigns, ad groups, and ads
    • Writing text-based search ad headlines, descriptions, and extensions, including for Responsive Search Ads
    • Performance analysis and optimization, including split testing
  • Email Marketing, e.g.
    • Content strategy development, and/or editorial calendar creation
    • Writing subject lines for higher open rates
    • Writing for automated or drip email campaigns
    • Designing email templates for content-rich messages
  • Graphic Design, e.g.
    • Creating image overlays or graphics for use on social media
    • Designing image or graphic elements for websites or email
    • Working with video or animations
    • Designing branded print materials, like business cards, flyers, or postcards
  • Customer Service, e.g.
    • Serving as a front-line customer service representative and/or salesperson in a fitness, wellness, or retail environment
    • Developing or teaching best practices for customer service representatives
  • Business Management, e.g.
    • Hiring, managing, and developing staff
    • Analyzing profitability, or developing revenue projections
    • Pricing strategy, and managing pricing transitions
    • Managing staff scheduling and payroll budgets


As your work schedule is flexible in both when you choose to work, and how much, your compensation will ultimately also vary with how much work you choose to take on, and how much work is available from clients.

Most of your work will be paid at $50/hour, while training and professional development will be paid at $25/hour.

Some examples of annual compensation, based on 25% training and 75% other work, and 2 weeks unpaid time off:*

  • ~$55,000/year at 25 hours/week
  • ~$44,000/year at 20 hours/week
  • ~$33,000/year at 15 hours/week

* You can choose to take more or less than 2 weeks, and can schedule time off whenever you'd like. That number is just used as an example above. See details below.

Please note that you are free to grow to full-time hours if you choose — but to be realistic for your client base and available work when starting out, and given the impact of the COVID pandemic on the fitness and wellness industry, we think that 15-25 hours/week is a realistic starting point to grow from.

Time Off

As with your work schedule, your schedule for time off is also flexible and up to you. You can schedule as much time off as you'd like, whenever you'd like. As your compensation is for time worked, time off will be unpaid.

Our only rule is that if you're taking off four days or more at a time, you'll need to inform the team and ensure any work you're in the middle of is handed off before your time off, or that the clients are aware of when to expect it.


In addition to your direct compensation, you’ll be eligible for a retirement plan with a company match.

Application Closed
October 15, 2020

No calls, please.