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Vo2max Fitness
Boxing and Personal Training, building a close-knit fitness community

Tough. Strong. Accessible.

Vo2max Fitness: Website and Branding Redesign by patientMoon

Vo2max Fitness needed to clearly share their class schedule and demonstrate the unique balance they've struck providing intense, hard-core workouts with their friendly and welcoming vibe. With amazing photography, visually striking design, direct calls to action, and an uncluttered homepage, visitors can easily, and seamlessly find what they need.

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Balancing the cool, tough and gritty branding with the inclusive, warm feeling of their community

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An important component of every website is good photography. The patientMoon team went out to Newton and helped manage the Vo2max photoshoot with Lucie Wicker Photography to make sure that we captured the team and space effectively. To feature the individual trainers, we designed "fight cards" to use for navigation to the team detail pages — giving the brand a boxing edge.

Trainer "Fight Cards"

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even the 404 error page!

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