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Rebirth Body Transformation Center
Highly-Personalized Fitness, Nutrition and Coaching

Full-Service Solutions for the Studio's Grand Opening

Julian, Rebirth founder, came to us on a tight deadline before his studio opening. We pulled out all the stops, designing a logo, building a custom website, developing pricing, and strategizing & executing social media marketing, print marketing, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Real Metrics and Building the Membership Base

rebirth fitness a/b testing

We specialize in working with fitness & wellness businesses. This gives us a tremendous head start. We begin with a nuanced understanding of best practices for your kind of business and clients. Then we get even more effective by developing and testing multiple campaign versions to refine the marketing materials precisely to your targeted demographic. We do this by creating multiple iterations of well-thought-out marketing copy and offers, and testing them in the real world. Interpreting analytics and conversion ratios, we constantly refine the marketing materials and dynamically adjust strategy to what's working.

For Rebirth's Grand Opening, we put all this expertise to work, handling the entire campaign from pricing to offer phrasing to print design to web design, and tracked all the results. With solid data in hand, we're able to continually improve upon the solid foundation we built, supporting an ever-growing business with sophisticated and responsive tactics.

Raising the Bar —
A/B Testing Marketing Performance

Client Success Stories and Case Studies

Effective Social Proof Marketing — Show Clients the Success They Can Have

rebirth fitness' client stories

Combine credibility and marketing messaging in a very non-salesy way. Social proof (especially when combining a success story with a positive testimonial) provides a compelling reason for visitors to click on the call-to-action links and buttons. They see it as getting on the path that other people like them have taken in the pas in order to find success.

We had a number of these stories for Rebirth, and have featured them throughout the site more visually to drive visitors to dig a little deeper and read about what working out at Rebirth Fitness can do for them.

Let Your Clients Speak for You

If You (We) Build It, They Will Come

getting a site of the ground quickly

Especially when you're working to open a studio, there are a lot of ducks to get in a row before you have all the information your clients will need. While building the full site, we launched an initial Homepage so that Julian had a place to send people when talking to them about the business and to start establishing the search engine optimization and the history of the website.

The First Step
Julian Cardoos Founder of Rebirth Body Transformation Center
Website Design for one of Boston's leading Fitness Studio Entrepreneurs

As a 13 year fitness veteran, there is not much that I do not know about the business. I had no doubt that as soon as people came into my facility that I would have them hooked. What I didn't know was how to get people to see what I had to offer in a way that made them want to take action immediately.

The whole patientMoon staff had me covered.

Working with them was easily the most invaluable part of starting my fitness business. They were able to get my vision, experience, and ideas projected into an online brand. They worked with me to make sure that my website design embodied everything that I, and the business is. They also helped me to make one consistent image with all of my design and marketing pieces.

Beyond that, they helped me to focus my ideas and energy into the right places and set me on a path for success. If you are planning on starting a business or re-designing your website, work with patientMoon. It was the best decision that I could have made for my business.

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