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Bullied to Silence
Feature-length documentary about
verbal and cyber bullying

Get Your Message Out

Web Design for feature-length documentary by patientMoon

Bullied to Silence shares the gritty reality about verbal and cyber bullying. A big piece of this awareness gives a face and a voice to others dealing with these issues - our prominant features of these stories lets children and adults alike know that they are not alone. This documentary is licensed to schools and organizations around the country so that their message can be heard.

Creating Awareness
Tami Pivnick VP of Purple People Inc. / Dog Eats Hat Productions
Happy patientMoon Web Design Client

Having worked in the broadcast industry for 30+ years, including as Art Director for the ABC affiliate in Atlanta, I highly recommend patientMoon, inc. They strategized, designed and implemented a brand new website for our feature film, "Bullied to Silence." The team's approach to design, marketing, pricing and host management is rational, fair and reasonable with great insight to both time and budget considerations. Their accountability is especially appreciated as it gives us peace of mind to know that projects will be completed accurately, on time and within the allocated budget.

Dog Eats Hat Productions has experienced a huge increase in client contact as a result of being found on Google, etc. and our viewers LOVE the site! We plan to hire patientMoon, inc. to redesign and develop the site of our parent company, Purple People Inc.

If you value your time, energy, investment and your company being portrayed professionally on the web, I encourage potential clients to pursue working with patientMoon, inc.

You will not be disappointed!

Bullied to Silence depends on patientMoon's professionalism and accountability.

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