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Back Bay Yoga Studio
One of Boston's Oldest and Largest Yoga Studios

Putting the "OM" in "Homepage"

Back Bay Yoga's homepage: promoting yoga teacher trainings, special events and over 75 yoga classes per week.

A vibrant business needs a vibrant website. patientMoon works with Back Bay Yoga Studio to capture the high energy of a busy urban yoga studio, and keep up with the dynamic flow of its class schedule, special events and custom integration with MINDBODY business management software.

Vibrant & Bright

Effective Event Promotion

Easily navigated event listings and cross-promotion throughout the site has led to significant increases in event registration.

Back Bay Yoga Workshop/Events: using the latest in MINDBODY integration to promote workshops and events

With a lively array of workshop offerings, Back Bay Yogis need to know what's happening at Back Bay Yoga. With careful photo editing and helpful reminder bands such as "THIS WEEK" and "NEXT WEEK", students are kept up-to-date, and the studio enjoys significantly increased event registration.

Helping Customers Find Events

Integrating the Body, Mind
and MINDBODY Online

As an Approved MINDBODY Developer,
patientMoon offers rich MINDBODY integration.

Automatically update your website through MINDBODY

Back Bay Yoga has a full schedule of weekly classes and visiting presentors, and patientMoon helps keep all of that information at students' fingertips. Our in-depth integration of MINDBODY schedules and information lets Back Bay Yoga update their daily schedule, class descriptions, and even teacher bios and photos in MINDBODY, with updates automatically shown on the site. Students can also personalize their experience and easily register for classes by logging in to their MINDBODY accounts right on the Back Bay Yoga website.

patientMoon: MINDBODY Approved Developer

This goes way beyond widgets. Learn More About our MINDBODY Integration

Back Bay Yoga has relied on patientMoon for over 10 years to keep their website effective.

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