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Social Media Marketing

Engage Meaningfully with Your Community Online

Why Social Media Marketing Matters for Yoga, Fitness & Wellness Businesses

Social Media marketing is a tremendous tool in the wellness industry. Facebook and Twitter are important outlets to advertise your studio’s presence, the prowess of your teachers, and your workshop, training and class schedule. There is a science to it, and we are here to help you cultivate the most fruitful outcomes from this resource. Whether you need a little help keeping your Facebook page and Twitter feed fresh with regular posts, or you need us to take the wheel and keep your overall social media presence vibrant and expanding, we have a solution for you.

How Social Media Marketing Pays for Itself

It Only Takes One More Customer for Your Profits to Surpass Your Investment

We want to recoup your marketing investment as fast as possible. A single additional teacher trainee in each training, a single additional attendee for each workshop, or a single additional student in each class can each, on their own, make social media marketing a phenomenal investment. Our solutions are designed to drive all of your goals at once – while paying for themselves with your first new customer and generating further profits thereafter.

Why patientMoon is Your Perfect Social Media Partner

Effective social media marketing requires constant engagement in order to create community awareness of your brand. We professionally manage your social media presence, saving you time and providing reliable, on-brand consistency. And as with everything we do, we utilize our whole expert team – from business analysis to strategy to design to writing – to craft effective social media engagement that truly provides a high return on investment. Our dedicated team approach far exceeds solutions that rely on in-studio non-experts or outsourcing social media management to a large company that doesn’t intimately understand your studio.

Mix and Match Our Solutions to Suit Your Needs

From increasing attendance to providing better online customer service, we'll assemble the perfect solution bundle to meet your needs.

  • Profile Revamp – evaluation and addressing the effectiveness and accuracy of the profile design (including images and colors) and business description/hours/information
  • Assessment and Diagnostics of Current Social Media – reviewing how you’ve been using social media so far to identify what’s working and where we can improve
  • Social Media Game Plan – to increase followers, effectively utilize analytics and create a focused market demographic
  • Teacher & Class Spotlight Posts – intelligent highlighting of teachers and classes with the greatest opportunity for increasing attendance based on class attendance analysis
  • Create Facebook Events for Workshops/Trainings/Info Sessions
  • Upcoming Workshop/Training/Info Session Reminder Posts – in the months, weeks and days leading up to workshops, trainings, and info sessions, post reminders including extra pushes to fill teacher training spots at the early bird and registration deadlines
  • Multiple Daily Topical Posts – balance out the promo content by sharing engaging, funny, inspiring and topically relevant content that’s in keeping with your brand's voice and tone
  • Conversation Starters – in addition to the promotional, funny, insightful and interesting posts we create as part of our Core Social Media Management solution, we’ll create posts designed to foster interaction by asking questions or expressing opinions with a call for feedback
  • Engaged Dialog and Customer Service – we’ll reply to Facebook comments and inbox messages and/or Twitter tweets and direct messages, keeping the conversation going and providing customer service or directing people to the help desk as appropriate
  • Community Sharing – we’ll share, repost and/or favorite/retweet appropriate content from active studio members, visiting workshop teachers, and praise of the studio or its offerings
  • Cleaning Out the Spam – we’ll report and remove comment and message spam, keeping the community conversations clear for the active members of the studio community

Facebook Advertising

  • Opportunity Analysis – we constantly evaluate where the greatest opportunities are, depending on upcoming trainings and workshops, class attendance, seasonal trends, promotions and other factors; and of course we can also target priorities you identify
  • Ad Copy/Content Creation – with clear goals in mind, we create effective Facebook posts and ads to promote the Facebook page, events, website, newsletter and more
  • Engagement Strategy – we determine the most effective ad engagement to target, depending on the goals; this can include traffic to the website or MINDBODY registration; post engagements such as likes, comments and shares; or impressions of the ad
  • Demographic Analysis & Targeting – we identify the ideal age, sex, location, interests and other demographic characteristics to ensure ad dollars are maximized by reaching the most impactful audience

Integrating Facebook with Your Website

  • Custom Landing Pages – in many cases we’ll make custom pages on the website geared toward conversion, providing the highest opportunity of someone clicking through from an ad to follow through to our intended goal
  • Website Open Graph Metadata – for all website pages being promoted in Facebook, we add all Open Graph metadata tags, which Facebook, search engines and other services use to determine how pages are displayed and promoted, including title, image and description

We're here to help, as much or as little as you need

There's no one size-fits-all solution for social media Contact Us to Discuss a Custom Fit