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Online Advertising

Drive Customers to Your Business with Facebook, Google AdWords and Retargeting Campaigns

Facebook – Put it to work for you

Boosting posts is just the beginning. There's a whole world of what we can do with Facebook ads to drive visitors to your website, promote events, increase newsletter signups, fill dwindling classes and more.

Some of the things we can address with Facebook Ads

  • Invigorate attendance for struggling class slots
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Get more people on your newsletter mailing list
  • Increase registration for workshops, trainings, retreats and events
  • Amplify brand awareness and engagement
  • Increase page likes/followers

patientMoon Facebook Ad Solutions

  • Custom-Made Ads – we strategically write, design and craft each ad to suit your brand and business goals
  • Get Customers – we build custom website landing pages optimized for effective conversion
  • Constant Monitoring of Your Ad Performance – with lightning-fast strategy adjustments to maximize your return on investment
  • Precision Targeting – we expertly target your ideal demographics, and can even individually target your site visitors who haven't yet liked the page or become customers

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Google AdWords – Be Front & Center When Your Customers are Searching for You

We do a tremendous amount to optimize organic search engine traffic. In addition to that, we can leverage Google's ad platform to reach your potential customers at the precise moment they're searching for your services.

patientMoon Google AdWords Solutions

  • we use our specialized knowledge of health & wellness businesses
  • identify the best-performing keywords for your business and location
  • monitor cost per click (CPC) and customer acquisition costs to ensure effective return on your investment
  • carefully analyze what people are searching for in your area to inform the ads we create

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Retargeting Advertising – Strategy, Management and Execution

The Advertising Companion to Your Website

What’s Retargeting?

Retargeting is an unobtrusive process where we "cookie" your website visitors so that we can identify and understand their interests in order to present meaningful promotions and ads specifically targeted to those individuals that will be shown to them on other websites and platforms, including Facebook as well as over 100,000 additional popular websites.

Why is this Effective?

Imagine someone is pondering enrolling in a Teacher Training or another large investment, but hasn’t quite decided to take the plunge. We specifically target that individual person on Facebook and the websites they frequent to show them opportunities for info sessions, promotions and related services. Instead of blindly spending ad dollars hoping for the best, we get highly targeted messages that speak directly to someone highly interested in your offerings. That’s the power of Retargeting.

patientMoon Retargeting Solutions

  • Opportunity Analysis – we focus retargeting on long-term opportunities with high revenue opportunities, making them ideally suited to bigger ticket investments, like teacher trainings, yearly memberships, unlimited class passes and workshop series
  • Website Integration – retargeting requires not only the creation and management of ads, but also a deep integration in the layout and functionality of your website; our unique mix of expertise allows us to expertly fulfill both sides of this equation with no efforts on your part
  • Ad Copy/Content Creation – we create highly targeted ads, based on a deep understanding of the exact interest your site visitors have expressed through their actions on your website
  • Promotion Strategy – we utilize a variety of effective techniques to promote workshops and trainings, including: special offers (e.g. early bird registration), targeting people who’ve shown interest in past trainings but didn’t register, highlighting “social proof” testimonials, and more

Keep your business ever-present in front of potential customers.

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