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Logo Design for Fitness, Yoga & Wellness Businesses

You should love your logo. It should energize, inspire and be completely on-brand, all while remaining simple and easily recognizable.

Your logo needs to be optimized for use everywhere from your website to Facebook to business cards to t-shirts to car wraps (yep, we've had clients wrap their cars in our brand designs).

We'll create and perfect your logo, and then show you how, where and when to use it.

Crafted with Care

All of our logos are hand-crafted. You're not getting clipart or choosing from a template. It's a custom piece of art.

The patientMoon Logo Process

  • Project Launch Meeting – we discuss your business' goals, purpose and offerings, which helps us establish a design "language" for the brand
  • Mood Board Meeting – we present different images, graphics, textures, colors, typography, etc. to get a broader sense of the brand’s energy and personality
  • Logo Concept Review – review patientMoon logo concepts and narrow it down to final logo choice (this may take more than 1 review session, if revisions are necessary)
  • Logo Iteration Review – once a concept is decided on, iterations follow to refine and finalize the logo and any necessary lockups
  • Logo Final Sign-Off – upon Sign-Off, we’ll prepare the Finalized Lockups


  • Visual Research – mood board and design research
  • Logo Concepts – ideas/directions for the logo, in rough sketch form
  • Logo Iterations – refining the chosen logo concept until it is finalized
  • Finalized Lockups – logos in a vector file, ready for use in any and all mediums

Our Logos are Hand-Crafted, No Clipart or Templates

ride etc
ride logo sketches

ride North End is an indoor cycling studio, with a special twist. More than just exercise and juice, ride offers a space unlike any other. Riders are enveloped by a dark sultry atmosphere as they pedal away their stress. In addition to communicating the uniqueness of that space, owner Melina also desired a logo that did not feature the common wheel imagery found in her competitors' logos.

Elemental Romance

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