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Yoga Teacher Business Cards
Jenna Hill Yoga

A Conversation Starter

With serious yoga business savvy and an eye for detail, Jenna came to us in need of a commanding, yet approachable website that would help communicate her schedule locally, as business cards. Looking to expand her clientele and distinguish her from her peers, Jenna’s cards have a certain gravitas representative of her powerful presence married with accessibility and humor. Combined with Lucie’s epic photography, Jenna can leave a piece of herself behind where ever she goes.

jenna hill yoga business cards

Because start our visuals in web, it's very easy for us to maintain consistency between web and print. We've even matched the typeface for Jenna's cards.

We use Moo to print our cards. This results not only in a great finish, but also gives you a different photograph on the back of each card; a nice way to show off the awesome Lucie Wicker photography that came with Jenna's site package.

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