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Our clients are always telling us
how much they love working with us.

Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that many of our new clients come from client referrals.

Steve Bergeron Co-Founder and Head Coach, AMP Fitness
Steve Bergeron, Co-Founder and Head Coach, AMP Fitness

I can't thank you guys enough, it really means a lot. And I feel like I've gotten emotional a few times during the Initial Session, only because everybody that I've worked with I don't think has really understood our business, or us, and it's been really frustrating.

It's really pretty awesome, so I'm really stoked to see what we can do together moving forward.

Thank you "mooners," you guys have a good weekend!

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Keith Moore Founder of Ashtanga Yoga Studio, DC (AYSDC)
DC Yoga Studio Website Marketing patientMoon team

patientMoon did wonderful design work (that maintained our low-key, quiet, style). But perhaps more impressive is how they did it. It was launched with an all-hands-on-deck approach. Everyone on the team worked together seamlessly and integrated every comment we made.

Every time I praise patientMoon, I have to mention their clear knowledge of the business side of yoga studios. Our customers notice the website the most, but the business consulting behind-the-scenes they gave us provided a solid platform to build on. While seemingly simple, the organizing of prices, schedules and workshops into a cohesive order has totally changed the way our studio works.

And, it should almost go without saying how good they are at the marketing — even when a client asks for marketing that doesn’t really appear to be marketing. We’ve never seemed so cohesive.

Maybe the best compliment we give is that each month we come back with more and more projects.

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Amy Wolf Founder of Herb + Ōhm
Acupuncture Clinic Wellness Business Marketing Support

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have connected with your talented team, and we are confident that we will be even more successful with you by our side.

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Jody Merrill Founder of Btone Fitness

I was referred to the patientMoon crew by a friend who used them for her yoga studios' websites. I was immediately sold when I spoke with them. From day one they took my vision, were extremely easy to deal with, and accessible to me whenever I needed. As a busy small business owner, I really appreciate that when something comes up that I can count on patientMoon to make it happen, no matter what hour of the day.

After trying to do my own website for almost 2 years, I can really appreciate this craft. I used to have a website that read more like an encyclopedia, was boring, and did not portray to customers and possible members what my business was all about. When I was ready to take my business and brand to the next level, I knew that patientMoon could make that happen for me and at a very competitive price. After just a few conversations, they sent me some mockups for the site and boy did they "get" me. The finished product is amazing, and now I know I have a website that will continue to grow with me and my business.

I could not recommend this company more, thank you patientMoon and your entire team for all of your hard work and dedication!

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Clementine Cummer Boston Area Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher Wellness Practitioner Marketing Assistence

I LOVE the business cards!!! They are beautiful and everyone I have shared them with so far has remarked that they are something you want to hang on to. I am very pleased. I really wanted a card that is a beautiful small object! Thank you for all of your design work and attention to details!!

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Julian Cardoos Founder of Rebirth Body Transformation Center
Website Design for one of Boston's leading Fitness Studio Entrepreneurs

As a 13 year fitness veteran, there is not much that I do not know about the business. I had no doubt that as soon as people came into my facility that I would have them hooked. What I didn't know was how to get people to see what I had to offer in a way that made them want to take action immediately.

The whole patientMoon staff had me covered.

Working with them was easily the most invaluable part of starting my fitness business. They were able to get my vision, experience, and ideas projected into an online brand. They worked with me to make sure that my website design embodied everything that I, and the business is. They also helped me to make one consistent image with all of my design and marketing pieces.

Beyond that, they helped me to focus my ideas and energy into the right places and set me on a path for success. If you are planning on starting a business or re-designing your website, work with patientMoon. It was the best decision that I could have made for my business.

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Caitlyn Visconte Boston Area Yoga Teacher
Website Design for Yoga Teachers

patientMoon helped me organize my professional life and pushed me to start projects I'd been delaying for years. I am so grateful to the team for all of the love they poured into creating a website that is such a solid representation of me and the work that I do.

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Danielle Toolan Co-Owner of Greener Postures Yoga
Danielle Toolan, Greener Postures Yoga

I am the co-owner of a business and found patientMoon at a time when I felt frustrated with the web developer who had created our original website. We opened a second location to our business and desperately needed an updated website that could support two locations, show an immense amount of detailed information in an efficient way while maintaining the look and feel of our current website and business.

I looked at other websites of businesses similar to ours and I was thoroughly impressed by a website created by patientMoon.

On a whim I contacted patientMoon and immediately received a warm, friendly and helpful response. We set up a conference call and explained our current situation and they understood our need for a fresh, user friendly website which could be updated and supported on our behalf.

The patientMoon team worked with us in every step of the way while they created our new site. They always gave us options with layout, color, design etc. for every page of the site to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. They came up with solutions with how to display information in a clear and efficient way and created a design that is vibrant and dynamic.

Since our new website launched, patientMoon have been incredibly responsive to any questions we have had and have immediately made changes and updates to our website upon our request.

The whole process of working with patientMoon has been delightful. The patientMoon team is thorough, competent, innovative and have exceeded our expectations.

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Lara Alexiou Co-Owners of Steamtown Yoga, Scranton, PA

patientMoon helped us update our out-dated website into the mobile friendly, user friendly format we needed to capture leads from our new members and get them into our studio! They were attentive to creating a site that embodies the feeling of our studio. They continue to guide us through learning to use our site and maximize our online potential.

Lindsay, Kate and Matthew were friendly to work with, responsive to our inquiries and sensitive to our needs.

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Susan Reardon Personal Trainer, Health & Nutrition Coach

patientMoon was a godsend! I cannot speak highly enough of what a fantastic group of professional, personable, and fun people. The helped me create a website beyond my expectations with an incredible amount of ease and effort (on my part!). I have referred them to multiple people, and will continue to do so. I look forward to working with them again in the future!

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Jenn Menzer Trainer, Teacher and Saldare Body Therapy Co-Owner
Jenn Menzer, Trainer, Teacher and Saldare Body Therapy Co-Owner

Working with patientMoon Wellness Marketing is like working with the dream team! In one meeting they sized me up, found out what made me tick, who my target market was, what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. Then, they made it happen...with graphics, fonts, text, shading, content and all that other html stuff they do so well. Imagine having a group that can showcase your best self, design a website to reach and entice your target market, and deliver your message/mission statement in a professional elegant manner rather than verbal blubbering. The end result was even better than I could have ever imagined.

You know your best friend who can read your thoughts and knows exactly what you want? That’s them only you don’t have to help them move or watch their dog.

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Heidi MacVane, LCSW, RYT Co-Owner of Greener Postures Yoga
Heidi MacVane, Greener Postures Yoga

I teach yoga, however; technology is not my strength! My business partner found patientMoon online when we began our search for a web design team who knows how the yoga business works. We feel fortunate to have found them who, since day one, have demonstrated a depth of knowledge in their field and an understanding of what we need as a growing yoga community. Our studio, Greener Postures, is located in Maine and at first we were unsure if it would work to have a design team located in another state. In fact, when we asked about scheduling a meeting and potential road trip…to our surprise they said, they did not need to meet us in person, they can do everything by phone or e-mail…of course, technology! This was very different from our past experience, however even with the fact that we have never met in person we have felt supported and understood when trying to explain our vision and requests for changes in our current site and in creating a new design. The patientMoon team has been easy to work with, responsive to our questions and concerns in a timely manner, even at all hours of the day! We feel lucky to have found this web team and grateful for their knowledge, guidance, and design skills in creating our new beautiful website! Our new site was live just a couple weeks ago and we have received such positive feedback from our students and the yoga community at large! The new site is visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and students are able to quickly get the information they need both on the computer and on their "fancy" phones!

Thank you patientMoon!

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It's easy to be this happy.

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