Personal vs. Business Pages

What will best serve your business now, and in the future.

Many yoga teachers, wellness workers and personal trainers find themselves gaining new students/clients as "friends" when they start teaching more classes. The problem with using your personal page as your promotional page is that over time, it becomes fundamentally limiting. You will be capped at 5,000 friends and unable to create promotions; which is the whole point of using Facebook in this capacity — for promoting your classes, workshops and services. While it may not seem really pressing to create a business page immediately, it is a necessary next step if you want to be able to use all the promotional tools for engagement that Facebook has to offer.

If you plan on teaching a class or two a week for fun or more of a hobby, and you think you'll never want to strategically promote an event or service to a target group of potential students/clients then using your personal page is fine. If you are growing your business, then it is time to switch to a business page. For the first few months, you'll want to post your industry content on both your personal page and your business page until you get your business page's likes up to healthy enough number that you can post industry news, and promotion exclusively on that page. You may always want to promote on your personal page too, and that's ok, just don't neglect your business page for paid reach potential that exceeds your personal network.

What can you do with your business page?

You can make advertisements to gain a highly targeted audience via page "likes". From here you can target that audience further with reminders of upcoming trainings, workshops and special events. You can create offers for private sessions, and you can "boost" posts, ensuring a wide audience is seeing your content. The possibility for reach on a business page eclipses the use of your personal page. Your professional FB page is an opportunity for you to begin creating your brand. You'll be speaking from a different position and establishing authority, all while joining a larger industry conversation. We'll explore all the ways you can create compelling objective-driven ads in another post, but to start, let's look at general daily posts.

You may already be simultaneously encouraging folks to put down their technology and get on their mats while nudging them to follow you on FB/twitter/instagram. It can seem like a conflicting message but truthfully, there is a way to utilize social media for good, even HEALTHY business, personal and community growth. For some folks, staying engaged with the book of faces on a daily basis is easy and fun. For others, developing a rare flesh-eating, tooth-rotting colon virus is more appealing. When you’re a busy yoga/fitness professional, you may find it especially challenging to rationalize spending what little extra time you have available on self promotion, especially of the sedentary variety. If you fall into the latter category here are some quick tips to keep your social media presence, well...present.

Need someone to take the reins?

Easy Facebook tips to try today

What you can do immediately:
  • Your posts are only effective for a few hours, so increase your frequency
  • Create image-centric posts (use compelling, visually interesting photos)
  • Be aware of post engagement. When people like, and especially when they comment on your post, the chances of the post staying afloat in the newsfeed increase dramatically.
  • Don't post twice in the same hour, it cheats both posts of audience reach.
  • Use your Facebook insights and Twitter analytics to see which posts are doing well, and which aren't. (you can think of this as svadyaya/self study if it makes you feel less dirty)

Challenge yourself to develop a routine.

It takes time to build any habit.

Building an awareness from your followers, that signals your commitment to conversations is why we suggest you post more. Industry best practice according to buffer social’s analytics suggest posting 5-10 times a week on FB. Like brushing your teeth, twice a day seems to yield the highest return. Make friends! Respond to comments, like other pages, comment on other posts - be social! That’s another opportunity for your business to make a newsfeed appearance. Keep social media, vaguely social! Posts shouldn't always be about your business. In fact 60-80% of your posts should be value-based interest articles, and not directly promotional. Posts can be about your colleagues, or another organization that aligns with your values. They can also be inspirational quotes, or a picture of you cat AGGRESSIVELY cleaning himself. Just show up — sharing valuable information increases the chance of making a cameo on more newsfeeds. Share some of your studio and instructor photography — be cool and make sure to use your photographer's watermarked images. If you are teaching full time, having at least one professional photoshoot is non-negotiable.

  • Share interesting or controversial industry articles. It’s an effortless way to instigate and initiate dialogue.
  • Be thoughtful and accurate. Is what you are putting out there in line with your values?
  • Include short, clean, unique copy to accompany the link. Ask questions to encourage engagement. Clean up any stray url. Keep it neat.
  • Consider using Buffer or Hootsuite to manage your posting schedule. This can keep you organized and allow you to think about your line up of content for the week, helping you be strategic with your timing around studio-centered promotions. You can always use FB's scheduling tool, so you can knock out your posts for the week in one sitting.

Here’s why we think you should post more on FB: The numbers

According to patientMoon metrics for our clients with websites, August 2014:

  • Folks that come to your website from FB are 44% less likely to bounce off than search engine visitors and 39% less likely to click away than visitors from other referral sources. They also view 20% more pages per visit. This is a relatively engaged and interested audience.
  • Websites get almost the same number of leads from FB as they do from all other social outlets combined, including yelp.

Fast facts from wisemetrics that might change your Facebook perspective:

  • It takes just 30 minutes for your post to get 50% of its global reach.
  • It takes only 1 hour and 50 minutes for a post’s reach 75% of its potential.
  • Posts with images saw a 65% increase in engagement, compared to text-only posts.
  • 40% of user time is spent on the newsfeed, and only 12% on pages and profiles.
  • Video posts average 62% more engagement than photos.

Post engagement seriously affects reach. FB has an algorithm that decides what goes in the newsfeed and for how long. The gist — the more folks that interact with your post, the longer the post lives and the larger the potential audience. Imagine a crowd of people tapping a beachball overhead at a baseball game. The more folks tapping, the longer the ball stays aloft.

Your Facebook business page is a powerful yet mercurial marketing tool, use it often and intelligently. Remember people look at newsfeeds, not profiles. People like posts with pictures with the same intensity that babies love shiny keys. The newsfeed is predictably unpredictable, but one of the best things you can do to hedge your bets is to increase the volume of your posts, and engagement. Use a social media management system to stay organized and plan for the week.

Stay Balanced

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, or "sucked in" and losing hours each day to social media, try to set some boundaries. Perhaps limiting the amount of time everyday you are logged on. Set an alarm to limit each session, or set concrete goals so you don't find yourself aimlessly browsing the holographic halls of Narnia for the better part of your summer years.

If you need some help, we offer a wide variety of services to help create, maintain or turbo-charge your current facebook business page. We can take this meaty task off your plate.

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