You have to be. You stand in front a group of people, you work one on one- and you share ideas. Training people, offering nutrition & lifestyle advice and teaching yoga is writing with air, sinew & sweat. With analogy, metaphor, anatomy, philosophy and on occasion psychology- you wax poetic. You’re just not writing it down.

I know many brilliant personal trainers, yoga teachers, ayurveda lifestyle consultants and massage therapists that I could listen to for hours expound with decisive, convincing and nuanced fervour on the virtues and pitfalls of various trends in somatic health. I always ask them to write it down, blog about it- get it out there. It is vital. It’s more than sharing an inspiring meme on facebook with your class schedule or a discount offer code attached: sharing your ideas, however controversial, serves the health of your community- it furthers the discourse and invites more people into the conversion most of us relegate to whispers. It also helps you define your ideas more clearly, and matures your instincts, nebulous irritations and sneaking hunches into clear thoughts. Your understanding of what’s actually happening in your business, and in the bodies of your clients clarifies- and that matters.

Don't have time to write it down?

Making the time to actually park your ass down and write can feel like another job. Let’s look at why that’s a good thing- and how you might consider incorporating writing into your routine.

1. Write for yourself

Journal, scribble, doodle, hen-scratch. Without any pressure on yourself, start writing, maybe during your commute, maybe before you fall asleep. Many books have been written on the health benefits of this form of expression and techniques for inviting more of it into your life. Off the top of my head: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott. Don’t judge what comes out, don’t censor- just go. You can edit later, or leave it raw.

2. Write for your own blog on your website

The word “blog” can be real erection killer. It’s simply a way to share your thoughts online. You’ll have control over editing, moderating comments and here’s the kicker: promotion.

If you have a Facebook business page you can get your thoughts out to thousands. This is a hugely effective way to position yourself in your community, especially if you write something that you know will might go viral by vaguely offending someone…(and thus helping them on their own journey because shit-stirring IS DEEPLY HEALING) This type of content creation will drive people to your website, and develop trust with your brand. It connects you with your ideal client. Far from being a chore, it is an investment in your trade, and your brand.

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3. Write an article & submit it to a publication you respect

Did you read that sentence and get seasick, or vaguely aroused? Good. Publishing your ideas is smart, and doable marketing. Every week you are doing the work of content preparation. You think of what you want people to learn, and to feel. You expertly train clients with unique injuries, you guide clients towards more balanced lifestyles, you sequence, you practice, you prepare. Some of you even turn into DJ’s and crank out a fresh playlist for each class/session. You make decisions based on your experience, and your hours of training. This is the work, and it doesn't have to end after your session, or savasana.

Write about your themes, your peak poses, common pitfalls clients fall into. Write about the intention you offered that week, dietary & seasonal themes. Write about what you saw when you taught- not specific people, but trends. Write about your own training, your home practice, your struggles, your triumphs your questions. Write about trends that upset & inspire you. There is an audience hungry for what you have to share. Feed them, and in nourishing them, you become better, because you will have more deeply explored your own habits, assumptions and logic. You will have studied yourself.

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