There are dozens of reasons to blog – cutting down on Frequently Asked Questions, keeping an active online presence, building credibility in your community, establishing yourself as an expert in your industry – the list goes on. Really what it all boils down to is engagement. Used well, a blog is a handy instrument in your arsenal.

A blog can be an incredibly effective marketing tool, but there is a world of difference between views and conversions. Content is only half the battle.

How you present your content is just as important as the information you share. We have compiled some guidelines for styling posts in a way that is not just easy to read, but engaging and interactive. Because really, interaction leads to conversions. Subscriptions, registrations, purchases – let's build up your online community!

It can be easy to overlook the science of styling your writing when you're focused on the message you are trying to send, so we’ve done some lab work for you.

People Need to Be Able to Read Your Website

I know, not a crazy idea, right? You need to accommodate both the elderly client with bifocals and the twenty-something on a smartphone.

While a 10 point font in a soft grey might be pretty or visually appealing to you, that does not mean it’s readable to the average client. You have to be willing to sacrifice some of your personal stylistic preferences to accommodate a wider audience. More people comfortably reading and navigating your site means more conversions.

  • **Not too small** – This is basic. Readability is everything
  • **Not too low contrast** – Text color needs to stand out from the background
  • **Style





    & H3

    – Vary fonts, colors, and weights between header and body copy

H1? H2—What? Don’t panic. We can help.

Prioritize Styling for Mobile

In January 2014 the average time spent online in the US on mobile devices surpassed that on monitor screens. Since then the ratio of people viewing websites on mobile has continued to rise, so you need to optimize your website to accommodate.

Readability is everything! This is not limited to single posts, your whole site needs to read well on mobile, tablet and large monitor screens.

  • Line Height is Critical – Space it out. Make your text stand tall
  • Match typography to your website – Keep all content consistent with your brand
  • Break up Text – The longer the paragraphs, the deeper your message gets buried
  • Style quotes to be larger
"Quotes should be different, visually interesting moments"

Wait—Line height? What? If you’re starting to get hot flashes just thinking about the tsunami of stylistic choices, remember, this is what we do day in and day out. It’s kind of our thing.

Haven’t optimized your site for mobile? We do that.

For those who are ready to take on the typography gauntlet, here are some areas to really maximize the effectiveness of your piece.

Links Within Your Web Universe

Use each post as an opportunity to engage the reader, to guide them through an experience.

The collective attention span has changed. People are now digesting information in smaller bites. While it may be difficult for more conventional writers, it is far more effective to move away from longer, more traditional paragraphs into shorter, more conversational statements.

Break up your prose with statistics, images, and opportunities to take action and engage in the conversation.

  • Choose an eye–catching link color – Still readable, but let it stand out from the rest of your text
  • Open links in a new page – Let people hop off to the suggested content, but keep your page open
  • Avoid the color purple for links – Reads as ‘visited’

You want to make the experience as three–dimensional as possible, so including multiple CTAs, or Calls To Action and links can serve as a thoughtful tour through your website that result in taking a specific action, i.e., registering for a New Member Special, buying a class, a package, or booking a session.

By adding Calls To Action thoughtfully throughout your blog, you can give the reader an opportunity to add themselves to the newsletter, browse your other posts and offerings, or seek out those magical ‘Contact Us’ and “Sign Up” pages. But no one is going to engage if it blends in, or looks vaguely dangerous — like the web version of the red treadmill cord.

Calls To Action/ CTAs

  • Strong CTA in each blog page – This is an opportunity to buy an intro package, contact, etc
  • Fall-Through CTA in footer of Each Page – Bottom on every screen
  • Newsletter Sign-Up in each blog – Give readers the opportunity to join your universe
  • Multiple CTA's on Each Newsletter – Whether it is for services or sign-ups or both, offer multiple opportunities for engagement

What’s a Fall Through CTA? It’s a last ditch effort to get your reader to redirect. Assuming your reader was so engrossed in the content of your blog that they couldn’t tear themselves away, use this final CTA to offer them more information — this is a great place for Newsletter Sign-Up or your version of the "Schedule a Consultation" button.

Styling Your Buttons
Strong, noticeable calls-to-action are key!

  • Stay in tune with your brand – color, shape, font choices
  • Buttons should be big, and legible – it’s not an afterthought, it’s a directive
  • Square? Rounded? Circles? – Each shape has a different meaning to your reader - what feels most in line with your brand and how you’re speaking to your audience?
  • Avoid red – Danger!! Looks angry, and people tend to avoid engaging

Let’s talk about buttons, in all shapes and sizes.


Keep your blog stylistically consistent, easy to navigate, easy to read.

The aesthetic should be given just as much thought as the message, the style just as much consideration at the substance, because with so much of our lives occurring on the web, it really is just as meaningful.

You are not just trying to share information, but to start a conversation.

Now that you’re armed with the tools to style the most effective blog that has ever been or ever will be, it’s time to start writing. Your blogs don’t need to be 2,000-word essays on a movement theory that takes the industry by storm. Any information that’s presented in an engaging, interactive way will help you drive conversions, clicks, memberships — whatever it is you have to offer.
Happy blogging!

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