Our Non-Discrimination Policy

patientMoon Wellness Marketing provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability or genetic information.

If you're qualified for an open position, please apply — you're welcome here.

Working with Us

Our Work

We help small fitness & wellness businesses and solo practitioners flourish by providing expert business strategy, marketing, website design & development, online advertising, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, and brand design. Our clients are yoga studios and teachers, fitness studios and instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches and holistic practitioners, wellness publications, and other businesses in the wellness community. Our team is deeply passionate about both the work we provide to our clients as well as the wellness services our clients offer — in addition to their roles at patientMoon, our team members enjoy hobbies and professional pursuits like teaching yoga, rock climbing, fitness training, dancing, cycling and running.

Our Team

We're a small and fast-paced team (6 members and growing), consistently and efficiently delivering results our clients love. To do this, everyone contributes everything they can — we're a very flat organization without bureaucracy while still being professional and organized. We don't have a sales team, layers of management, or invisible employees. Everyone on the team is intimately involved with our client work and operations.

Our Company

Beyond being a small team, we're a small business, both in size and formulation. We're not a startup — there's no venture capital, no investors and no angel funding us. We run profitably and operate on revenue, growing step by step through disciplined decisions.

patientMoon got its start in 2004 as the freelance business of our founder, Matthew, who worked to help small businesses grow, operate more efficiently, and better serve their customers by designing and building custom websites and applications.

Since taking patientMoon full-time in January 2012, patientMoon has taken off, growing our team, the breadth of tools we utilize to help our clients succeed, and the family of wellness & fitness businesses we work with around the world.

Our Schedule & Work Environment

To best support our sustainable growth, and our team members’ individual needs, we transitioned to working remotely full-time in 2018, with flexible schedules. Each team member sets their own schedule, and coordinates with other team members when collaborating for client sessions or offline work.

Team members are encouraged to plan their work schedule in balance with family life, personal wellness and fitness pursuits, and self care, and may work any schedule that works for them. Our only requirement is that once a client session, team collaboration, or offline work is scheduled for a set time that a team member has made available, they follow through on that commitment.

Current team members have used this flexibility to build schedules that allow them to teach yoga, spend time with partners and children, study herbalism, produce podcasts, pursue personal fitness goals, balance chronic health challenges, maintain meditation practices, and more — all alongside their work with patientMoon.

We make use of Slack, Zoom, Zendesk, GSuite, and a mix of custom software tools to communicate and coordinate with each other, and are continually working to further automate and streamline our processes. These tools allow us to maintain our extensive collaborative team environment that’s been a hallmark of patientMoon since 2012, while also providing our clients excellent results with affordable budgets for small wellness businesses.

Current Opportunities to Join the Team

Wellness Marketing Writer & Senior Strategist

Flexible Schedule — Remote (US Only)

Posted October 3, 2020

We’re looking for a Wellness Marketing Writer & Senior Strategist who thinks on their feet, can shift nimbly between clients, easily metabolizes new information, clearly and confidently explains their ideas, and writes with inclusivity in mind. Come in with your brain turned on, and be profoundly present and engaged. The future of our team and our clients' businesses depend on it.

You’ll work directly with our clients, writing, editing, and optimizing content for websites, ads, social media, email, and more. Much of your work will be in live sessions with clients, where you’ll be driving solo and writing on the fly, to keep up rapid and budget-efficient progress for their marketing efforts. You’ll also collaborate with other team members, both in joint live sessions, and for offline hourly work for clients’ needs.

No part of a client’s needs are "not your job" — you’ll provide strategic insights and guidance whenever you can, and use every skill at your disposal, including leveraging other team members, to help clients succeed.

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