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Create a Sustainable Yoga Teaching Career

Authentically share your classes and workshops without selling your soul!

Do-It-Yourself Marketing for Yoga Teachers
Build a Sustainable Teaching Practice, for both full- and part-time teachers

"But I'm a Yoga Teacher —
Do I Really Need to Market Myself?"

Yes! Remember marketing isn’t bragging, tooting your own horn, or sharing backbends on Instagram – it’s connecting you to the people you most want to serve.
(Also – If people don't show up to your classes, you can't teach.)

We know self-promotion can feel false, intimidating, and occasionally even a little un-yogic.

But it doesn't have to.

For your business to be truly sustainable, you need your own unique combination of revenue streams. This might be consistent regular private clients, a robust public teaching schedule, and even quarterly workshops.

You need regular students that connect with you, and come to your classes and workshops.

There's so much information out there to slog through; and if two sources say completely different things, how do you figure out what applies to your business and what has nothing to do with this industry?

Marketing is the act of letting your audience know what you’re passionate about, what you’re offering and how they can participate! It’s that simple. Marketing is just an invitation.

Our easy-to-follow courses are an affordable way to get guidance that is completely tailor-targeted TO yoga teachers FROM yoga teachers. We’re a small team of yoga and wellness marketing experts who have dedicated their non-teaching time to helping other yogis make a sustainable living doing exactly what they love – sharing yoga.

Ready to connect with your students?

We've got four ways to help yoga teachers face the challenge of marketing themselves:

  • Free Tips & Tricks — if you're looking for some quick direction and guidance
  • Education Materials — if you want to learn, more in-depth how to do things yourself
  • One-on-One Consulting — we'll provide some guidance and then let you spread your marketing wings
  • Ready to Have Someone Else in My Corner — let us help you do it right!

The Necessity and Simplicity of Self-Promotion

Just like your yoga, consistent marketing is a practice, one that benefits from reliable and sustained attention. If you follow a plan, everything will work out. Marketing is not as intimidating as it seems, and we're here to unpack it for you.

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Essentials for Yoga Teachers

This course is geared towards students who recently finished their teacher training and are looking to get some insight, and actionable steps to land that first gig, and begin to build a steady regular teaching schedule.

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Photoshoot Strategy for Yoga Teachers

One of the most important tools to promote your yoga classes, workshops and retreats is a wide variety of engaging photography. Get expert guidance and strategies for your yoga photoshoot to ensure your photography intrigues, but doesn't alienate potential students, no matter your budget.

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